Weekend Things: The Start of the Kitchen Remodel

Ladies and gentlemen, an ode to my husband who single-handedly installed our new kitchen sink this weekend!


To say I’m in love (with the sink, but also with Joey) would be a huge huge understatement.  Long story short, we finally got around to ordering new countertops last week and they’re coming to measure tomorrow so the sink suddenly needed to be installed and more importantly, level.  Sounds easy, but when your house was built in 1908, nothing is really level.  Look, I don’t know how he does it, but he always gets it done.  And THE SINK.  Would you just look at it?  I’ve never been so excited to do dishes in my life.



In other weekend news, you know you’re 25 and married when you do your grocery shopping on a Friday night and look forward to staying in to eat dinner in your sweatpants and watch TV.  Oh wait, that’s what I do every night.  Did you know John Mayer hosted the Late Late Show for three days last week?  Yeah, as in a singer/musician with no hosting experience was running the program.  IT WAS THE BEST.  Those of you who aren’t crazy Mayer superfans probably don’t know that he is FUNNY, but seriously, he is.  Also, he had a “Croon Cam.”  Nuff said.


Saturday, when Joey was starting the kitchen work — hey, for the record, I did help carry out the old countertop/sink — I was extra excited that I had a massage and facial scheduled.  And they both felt so amazing.  I had a half hour between appointments, so I took myself out in the miserable 70 degree weather and enjoyed some reading in the sunshine.  I’m in the middle of Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness and it is extremely fascinating and well-written.



My mom bought me an amazing orchid and this is what happened when I tried to drive it home with the windows rolled down on the highway.  I thought the highway was just really dirty, then I looked over and realized it was all the soil from the plant.  Oops!  But it was actually pretty funny and it also forced me to vacuum out my car, which I’ve needed to do for… uh too long anyway.  And now my orchid is living a happy life in my bedroom and I’m determined not to kill it.

P.S. Please note that bag of cookies in the first picture, that my mom also gave me.  White chocolate chip oatmeal, mmmmm.

P.P.S. We rented The Judge on Saturday night and while I liked the movie, I didn’t think anyone individually gave an Oscar-worthy performance.


Totally wasn’t going to get all hopped up on caffeine yesterday, but Joey suggested we take a walk to our favorite coffee shop and who am I to argue with the person who gave me the farmhouse sink of my dreams?  Followed by a day of feeling anxious, distracted and irritable.  Oh and pretty sure I didn’t sleep last night.  Fun times!  After consuming this, I took myself to the gym.  It was sunny and in the 60’s but it was also WINDY and I’m such a baby about the wind.  I mustered two whole miles before calling it quits.


When I got home, Joey and I cleaned ourselves up and went to lunch!  I am forever torn between my desire to cook in my own kitchen and to try all the amazing restaurants we have in Denver.  Dining out won that day.  We went to the Slotted Spoon which is a meatball restaurant that offers subs, pastas and salads using those meatballs.  I got a chicken meatball sub and I kept getting an occasional taste of…dirt?  I think it was just some herb in the sauce that my taste buds weren’t liking — Joey thought I was crazy — but otherwise, we loved this place and I already want to go back.


When we got back home, Joey proceeded to hook up the actual plumbing for the sink and I proceeded to wash two days worth of dishes in the bathroom sink.  Such fun!  Not.  And then I somehow cooked dinner without countertops or running water in the kitchen.  I’m magic!  But it really wasn’t so bad.  And I can sum up the rest of our night with one word… Grammys!  I tweeted all the tweets and probably don’t have any followers left.  I couldn’t help it!

What did you do this weekend?