Happy Hour Wishlist

Here is a recent development in my sister and I’s relationship.  She texts me things like “where can I get a good Cuban sandwich?” or “where should I get an afternoon snack?”  Then I give her a suggestion and she goes.  It’s fun being someone’s restaurant recommendation go-to.

Anyway, during one of these conversations with my sister, I mentioned having “a list” and she told me to “publish it!”  So, here I am doing just that.  Except, I figured I should break it up into categories.  Unless you wanted to see an organized list of like 100 restaurants?  Yeah, probably not.  So here goes with my happy hour list!


TAG // I’ve heard really good things about TAG but it’s one of those places that’s a little bit pricey unless it’s a special occasion or you’re going for HH.

Chop Shop // We went here for the first time a few weeks ago for dinner but after seeing their HH menu, I decided I needed to come back and try it!

Brazen //  My eye doctor shares a parking lot with this tiny little place, otherwise I never would’ve noticed it or realized it even existed.  There’s a toast section on their menu so I’m sold.

Steuben’s // How have I only been here for dinner?

Linger // This place, at any time, is always a winner.  Best rooftop in Denver!  Can it be on my “wishlist” if I’ve already been a bunch of times?

Prohibition // Can we talk about how hard it is to re-visit restaurants when there is always somewhere new you want to try?  We’ve been to Prohibition once, I loved it, we’ve never been back.  This must be remedied.

Vesta Dipping Grill // I love this place.  But why have I not happy hour-ed?

Leña // I love when I get to use that little Spanish N with the squiggle, but I’m guessing that’s not the technical term and I’m also guessing you can tell I took French in HS.  Basically, I saw tacos and empanadas on the menu, and that’s all I needed to see.

Denverites, leave your go-to HH recs so I can add to this list!

Ironically, we are not going to Happy Hour tonight, but instead, the Rockies game.  Go figure.

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