Odds & Ends, Take 4

Whoa, it’s been a year (almost exactly) since my last “Odds & Ends” post!  Time to remedy that.


My mother-in-law gets us all office calendars for Christmas and I seriously love mine this year!  I hang the pages up in my office so by the end of the month I have a wall of inspirational artwork.  I take a picture at the end of every month then forget to do anything with it.  Maybe I can do a cool end-of-the-year collage?!


We made these chicken nuggets (sub chicken for fish, obviously) last weekend and it makes me wonder why we don’t do it more often.  So easy, so satisfying in that “I feel like a worry-free kid” kind of way.  Also, if you can’t decide between ketchup and BBQ sauce, don’t!  Let’s not talk about how I put the BBQ sauce upside down in the fridge and the lid wasn’t fully on so it went everywhere and I didn’t realize until two days later when our fridge suddenly reeked of BBQ sauce…


Denver “graffiti” is looking so dreamy lately.  I spotted this alley full of art on our walk to Cart-Driver last week and had to stop and take a picture.  Together with the bright blue summer sky, it was gorgeous.  If someone wants to graffiti this kind of stuff on my garage door instead of tagging it with their name, that’d be great.


All week we’ve been leaving work at lunch time to go home and water our lawn.  Yeah, that’s technically a one person job but leaving the office for an hour and eating a giant salad in your own sunny backyard is more fun.  Two other days we went out for a little day date.  A slice of deep dish pizza + a side salad on the patio is the way to this girl’s heart.


We’re almost out of this bag of coffee already and I’m like “who drank all this so fast?!”  Would it be weird if I kept the bag for sniffing purposes?  And speaking of Huckleberry Roasters, our second lunch date this week was there!  They sell sandwiches and salads from a really cute Denver café and I was looking for an excuse to be one of those people that’s hanging out at a coffee shop in the middle of a week day.


My mom let me borrow this new book of hers.  I liked it right away when the author stated that “if you like eating at chain restaurants, I don’t want you as the audience of my book!”  Well that’s blunt! 🙂  It was part stories, part restaurant guide and all awesome.  There’s nothing I love more than “connecting” with someone who gets New Orleans food.


Have you ever put yogurt on toast?  No?  Is that weird?  Whatever, I was doing it even before Bon Appétit told me it was cool.  But in all seriousness, if you toast your bread to that point of extra crispy perfection then layer it with yogurt (Greek OR plain!) and peanut butter, you have yourself one good tasting breakfast.  Bonus points if you add banana slices!

Wishing you all a very Happy Friday!  We have a busy weekend but it’s fun stuff busy instead of yard work busy, so I’ll take it!