Weekend Things & Summer Celebrations

Here are the makings of a perfect weekend:

  • Pulling three black and white dresses out of your closet for Friday, Saturday, Sunday outfit perfection
  • Friday dinner plans that combine family, pizza and a Moscow Mule
  • Up close and personal seats at Wicked
  • Jenn’s Birthday!
  • The Spice Girls, Will Smith, Hanson AND Whitney Houston playing in the bar you’re at and the hell with it, all of us girls are gonna dance
  • Saturday morning at the coffee shop when a girl biker gang shows up and they’re all just so cool
  • When “Buy beer” is the first “appointment” in your calendar
  • Biking to an amusement park in a dress and wedges and feeling like you’re just as cool as a girl biker gang
  • A Summer Shandy + a company picnic where you’re able to sweet talk yourself into winning the raffle Rockies tickets
  • Cutting into a pan of perfectly sweet and soft cornbread (yeah it may have been 85° degrees in our house and yeah I may have turned the oven on anyway, but that cornbread was worth it)
  • Summer BBQs, live bands, pulled pork and the coolest red truck, because no farm would be complete without one
  • Standing over your kitchen island to share a chocolate cupcake at midnight
  • Nieces that love to pose for the camera and enjoy Magna-Doodles just as much as you did when you were a kid
  • When you’re entrusted with the task of cutting the first piece of the world’s largest layer cake
  • Father’s Day cards that nail your relationship with your dad
  • Sprinklers that water your grass for you
  • Reading on the porch
  • Having the awareness to realize how super sweet summer is and soaking up every second of it













P.S. That doodle my niece drew SLAYS me.