Weekend Things: That Time I Tripped and Fell While Running

Excuse my “Woe is me!” attitude right now, but as the title of this post suggests, I totally tripped and fell while I was out on a run yesterday and scraped the hell out of my hands.  Besides the constant burning, the worst part is that moving the rest of my hands pulls on the skin around the scrapes and results in me yelling a lot of unladylike words.  So everything is just taking me 10x longer than usual today…


But back to happier times, like Friday when Joey, my sister and her boyfriend Wayne saw Michael Ian Black at Comedy Works.  If you don’t know who MIB is, you clearly didn’t watch enough VH1 growing up (he was on all the I Love the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s shows) and you seriously need to reevaluate your Twitter follows.  I loved MIB — and laughed when he told this story like I hadn’t already heard it before — but I kinda thought the comedian who went on before him was HILARIOUS and may have liked him better.  P.S. How lucky am I to hang out with my cute little sister two nights in a row?!

Saturday was majorly relaxing.  We both woke up at 7:30 and I was like, “LET’S GO TO SNOOZE!”  Because if you wake up early on Saturday, you must go to Snooze.  It’s the rule, okay?  We showed up to a still calm restaurant, were seated right away and ordered the most decadent “Drunken Punk’n Pancake,” so all was right in the world.  All that feasting made us tired so we went home and lounged around but did manage to go to the grocery, take a drive and go on a walk through Cheesman Park.  It could not have been more beautifully fall there!Read More »