Best Tastes of 2015

I try my best to do some sort of recap/superlative list at the end of every year and while I won’t bore you with a month-by-month list of 2015 highlights — I’m saving that torturous activity for Joey 🙂 — I thought I’d dole out a list of the best tastes!  Just know that this is a post where I act like everything was the best thing I ever ate.

Best Food Lover’s Cleanse Meal: Roast Chicken with Butternut-Tahini Purée


This is where it all began with roasting a whole chicken and that butternut-tahini puree is life changing.  I would (and did…) eat it by the spoonful.

Best Family Recipe Meal: My Uncle’s Red Beans and Rice


We made this for Mardi Gras and it was our best batch yet!  Need to restock on pickled pork so we can make more this winter.

Best Vegan Meal: TIE between the Roasted Veggie Bowl and Garlic Mac N Cheese



I’m not ready to disclose how many times I made both of these meals this year…Read More »