Weekend Things


1. Friday morning porridge via Faring Well, my latest blog obsession.

2. Snow!  I’m nothing if not a dedicated walker, so I bundled up and went.

3. Early birthday dinner for Dad.  Had two fried ice cream eaters on either side of me, come dessert time.

4. Saturday morning porridge.  I’m going through a porridge thing, don’t worry about it.

5. Hawaiian manicure.  We leave Wednesday!!!

6. Dinner party, complete with a baked apple and ice cream dessert situation.  I felt so very adult.

7. Sunday morning at Black Eye Coffee CapHill.  I didn’t think I liked avocado toast until right then.

8. Family matinee.  Intense is the best way to describe The Revenant.  Not my favorite Leo movie but I’ll be damned if I don’t root for that Oscar anyway.

9. When your husband loves the tiny whisk you got for Christmas maybe a little too much.

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