5 Things I Brought Home with Me from Hawaii

  1. A $15 (?!?!) jar of coconut peanut butter.  Let this be a lesson to us all to check prices before making spontaneous purchases at the airport.  Though I did try some this morning, and it may be worth the price.  Maybe.
  2. A renewed sense of adventure.  Sometimes I think I know myself pretty well, but then I’m pleasantly surprised to discover I’m not as shy or indecisive or scared as I think I am.  I was kind of nervous to bike down a volcano, fly in a helicopter and sit through two seven hour plane rides, but you know what?  None of that ended up being scary and those first two were actually really fun!
  3. A billion pictures.  Of gross things like beach sunsets, colorful plates of food and humpback whales 🙂  Seriously going to have so many memories of this trip and all the wonderful things I did with some of my favorite people.
  4. Some coffee INdependency.  Traveling makes me anxious.  Coffee makes me extra anxious.  I decided not to combine those two things and GET THIS I felt calm as could be, slept better and was actually in control of my emotions.  I mean I still brought home some Hawaiian coffee beans, but whatever.
  5. So much love and appreciation for a different state/culture.  And a Pacific island could not be more different from my landlocked snowy mountainous home state.  From the food, to the traditions, to the history, to the wildlife, I learned SO much about Hawaii and it was all so interesting.  I think I was much more receptive to all that learning than I was last time I was in Hawaii, at the god-awful ungrateful age of 16.
  6. A tan.  HA HA, okay I can’t even go any further with that joke.



8 thoughts on “5 Things I Brought Home with Me from Hawaii

    • Oh my gosh, it is so delicious and the only ingredients are peanuts and coconut. I’m not sure if it’s the addition of coconut, but the texture is REALLY different from any peanut butter I’ve ever tried. It’s almost like pumpkin butter?!

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