Our Trip to Hawaii: Kauai


Gosh, where do I even start?  And how do I describe an island as peaceful, relaxing, lush and breathtaking as Kauai?  I don’t think I can do it justice.



I’m kind of glad Oahu was the first island we visited, because after being somewhere that was a bit busier, Kauai was such a breath of fresh air.  We got there just before the sunset and this was the view from our hotel balcony and it all felt so perfect.  I just kept asking myself “is this real life?!”  We stayed at the Kauai Marriott and it was beautiful.  Not only did it have a giant pool setup but the beach was RIGHT THERE.  Plus complimentary Mai Tais!


Our first morning, we grabbed breakfast at the Kalapaki Beach Hut — I totally ate a breakfast sandwich on a hamburger bun and I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t mind it! — then went on a HELICOPTER RIDE.  Oh my god.  I think we were all pretty nervous.  In that first picture, I am probably telling Joey something along the lines of “I think I’ll just have a panic attack mid-flight” and I think my face says it all in that second picture.Read More »