Weekend Things

If someone were to ask “how was your weekend?” I’m positive, I would gush “WONDERFUL!”  And then rattle off a list of small things, that on their own don’t amount to much, but all together made the weekend so perfect.  And that’s what life is really all about, right?  A compilation of small occurrences that add up to something big and beautiful.  Life is so so good.

Warning: I watched a lot of things and ate a lot of things this weekend.  Proceed with caution.IMG_1242It was a toss up between Friday night dinner and a movie, or living the homebody life and doing that leftovers and Netflix thing.  Guess which one won!  We found two of the Oscar-nominated documentaries to watch, shared a maple walnut cookie in our pajamas and everything was just as it should be.  We liked What Happened, Miss Simone? much better than Cartel Land but let’s be real, neither of them were Making a Murderer 😛


This is why I don’t make waffles.  The batter was SO runny and I knew better, but I poured it in anyway.  I think half of it leaked out as soon as I closed the lid and the rest completely stuck to the top and bottom of the waffle maker.  For the record, this did not stop Joey and I from picking pieces of the massacred waffle out and eating it with our fingers.  Flavor (sesame-honey!) was spot on.  I used the leftover batter to make the world’s flattest pancakes.  It was sad, but also delicious.


60° in January?  Yes please!  We took ourselves out for a run — the first outdoor run of the year, to be exact — and the weather could not have been more perfect.  The way we were talking and taking it slow, you would have thought it was our first run in years.  Now I’m just longing for spring weather and lots more outdoor running opportunities.  Too bad it’s supposed to snow ALL DAY today…Read More »