This Week

Guys.  It’s been a weird week.  Partly because we went from 75° and sunny to the worst snowstorm I’ve seen since the epic Blizzard of 2003 (I was in high school and we got a whole extra week of Spring Break!) and partly because my eye has been twitching since November and I’ve reached a point where it’s so annoying and frustrating and distracting that it’s putting me in a weird funk.  I’ve tried hot compresses, naps, tonic water.  UGH.

But as I’m glancing through my phone at the pictures I’ve taken and the things that have happened this week, it doesn’t all seem so hopeless.  In fact, it seems downright delightful.  We had a Monday lunch picnic, Rockies season tickets came (in a old school lunchbox, I might add), I got new candles, started a new book, ate a really good burger, sipped a drink called FLOWER FUEL (!!), got half a snow day, watched Star Wars and made bánh mì sliders.  Plus today is FRIYAY!


Tofu, carrot, radish, mung bean sprouts (!), Asian pear, kale and the most delicious peanut dressing.


Is it cool if I start packing my lunch in this?


Standard Wax does this thing where they offer “effed up” candles — i.e. chipped ceramic, cracked wax, etc. — at half price.  I snagged these two scents and love them both.


This week I decided we need more mid-week meals out in Denver.  Central Bistro & Bar has all night happy hour on Tuesdays and turns out they do a damn good burger.  Literally couldn’t stop eating those fries!Read More »