Make This Now

Hi!  Welcome to a new series called “Make This Now” where I get all excited about recently used and loved recipes and then I try to translate that excitement into a convincing argument for you to try those recipes yourself.  I think we’re both gonna love this new series.  Right?!

The Best Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies


It’s always best to come right out the gate with a recipe for “the best chocolate chip cookies ever!”

I find cookies to be annoying because there are SO MANY small factors that can totally change the way your cookies come out.  We’ve all seen those charts that show what all brown sugar cookies vs. brown & white sugar cookies look like, or what baking soda vs. baking powder cookies look like, etc., etc.  Look, I do not have time to test all these factors, so when these cookies came out PERFECTLY, I was OVERJOYED.  They totally made me forget that I had walked back to my car after yoga to find I had a flat tire.  Not to be dramatic but these were the best cookies I’ve ever made or eaten, the end.

Roasted Veg with Nutritional Yeast


Going to overlook the fact that Bon App staffers cannot say “vegetables” and insist on saying “veg.”  And you can overlook my questionable at-home outfit choices.

Guys, are you using nutritional yeast?  You’re probably either thinking “um that’s so 5 years ago” or “what the hell is nutritional yeast?!”  But hear me out while I profess my love for that yellowy powder.  It is the best, most delicious, most life-changing ingredient, vegan or not.  Joey straight up eats SPOONFULS of it, he loves it that much.  You know, beer, Santiago’s breakfast burritos, candy and nutritional yeast.  A totally normal diet for an adult male.  Make the broccoli version of this recipe or make the squash version of this recipe, either way, your life is about to change for the better.

Cast-Iron Pan Pizza


Not to be dramatic, but this was the best pizza Joey and I have ever made.  EVER.  And we’ve made A LOT of pizza.

Can we just acknowledge that the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen is probably the best place to work?  They are always sending SnapChat videos of fun stuff going on in there and then they do stuff like provide us with informal recipes for the best cast-iron skillet pizza and I could not be more appreciative.  BA Brad knows his stuff.  We watched that little video (click the link!) about five times and followed the directions to a T and were rewarded with this amazing pizza delight.  Seriously, I was so impressed.  And brushing honey onto the crust before it cools?  Why had I never thought of that genius move on my own?  MAKE IT NOW.Read More »