On Hitting a Stride

A few Saturdays ago, we woke up to the sun glowing through our blinds — we’ve been in our house two and a half years and I am still stupidly in love with the natural light in our room — then walked ourselves a few blocks up to get coffee, swung by a skateboard shop in the Highlands and grabbed lunch at Illegal Pete’s.  On our way back home, Joey remarked “we’ve become so Denver!” and it really got me thinking.


Lately, I’ve felt like I/we’ve really hit a lifestyle groove.  We have favorite running paths, we’ve got the bike ride to Coors Field down pat, we know where we like to eat and where to park when we hit the movie theater.  We even have a downtown Denver dentist!  And on a more personal level, I have a book club, a yoga studio, a library card that I actually use and if you need a restaurant recommendation, I’m your girl.

This is all to say, it feels really good to be rooted somewhere and I hadn’t even realized how rooted we’d become until Joey made that comment.  Coincidentally, I went to a yoga class on Sunday where the teacher said “if you’re firmly rooted, you can grow in many directions” and it really resonated.  My lifestyle feels so firm and stable that I feel like I’ve really had the time to give my attention to stuff like growing my cooking skills, educating myself on homebrewing (science-based stuff does NOT come naturally to me) and pushing myself in yoga.  Going through the motions doesn’t cut it anymore and I’m 100% okay with that!

Feeling awesome about this stage of life 🙂