Raw Food Night at Root Down

Guys, we are four days into August and some bad shit has already happened.  Namely, Trevor Story is out for (most likely) the season and I sliced my finger on a knife that I was washing with my hand instead of with a sponge, like a normal human being.

But!  Some really good stuff has happened too.  I have been brave enough to wear true red lipstick in public, our first squash blossom bloomed, I spent an entire hour reading in our hammock, we got tickets to Great American Beer Fest.  And on Tuesday night, we tried the monthly raw food dinner at Root Down!


Root Down puts together a 4-course raw meal every first Tuesday of the month and for no other reason than that the menu always looks amazing and that Root Down has never ever let me down before, I knew I HAD to try one of their dinners this summer.  This was the menu we showed up to on Tuesday.

P.S. It only slightly killed me that I didn’t know the menu until we showed up.  I’m a before-we-go type of menu peruser for real.



Drinks.  All the drinks.  Had to order some alcoholic bevies first because you gotta retox before you detox.  And also, because the Pepper Blossom is THE BEST COCKTAIL IN DENVER.  There, I said it.  That tonic and cider drink tasted like cinnamon and fall in a way that really freaked me out, because I’m not even ready for fall.  But it also tasted real good, so I wasn’t that mad.


Fact: I’m not into soup.  Which is sad for Joey because he LOVES soup, but I make the rules menu and soup is hardly ever on it.  That being said, this sweetcorn soup was SO GOOD.  It had a kick and that sour cream and hemp seed island in the middle was my favorite part.  I kind of forgot it was going to be cold soup until they served us, but duh!


Okay, this was when it started pouring rain and we had to be relocated inside but we got a window seat so I was still able to get a lovely photo of this vibrant dish.  I wish I could tell you just how fresh and flavorful this pesto “pasta” was, but I don’t think I’ll do it justice.  Every bite was such a punch to the taste buds, in the best possible way.  The pesto was maybe the best I’ve ever tasted and it was all just so perfectly executed.


I usually do not consider fruit to be dessert, but there are exceptions to this rule.  Like if you’re at a raw dinner.  First off, how adorable is that baby… nectarine??  I’m still not sure what it was but it was the cutest.  I mostly wanted to lick my bowl to make sure to get all the chocolate but figured that wasn’t ladylike.  Also, there was lavender sprinkled on there!

Okay, so Joey proceeded to go home and eat a post-raw dinner snack but otherwise, I loved this little experience!  As usual, Root Down delivered on flavor and freshness and their hospitality is always top notch.  I’m so glad we finally did this.