Weekend Things: October is here!

Homemade lasagna, family game time, arts and crafts at 10:30 on a Friday night.

A 5-mile run, 80° and a blue sky, an anniversary celebration complete with two food trucks, one last Rockies game, the return of SNL (!!!).

Sunday breakfast, a mountain drive and leaf peeping with John Mayer playing full blast, an afternoon spent with my family and zero agenda, sitting down with a bowl of homemade soup and the season premier of Shameless.  

I’ve been dealing with pre-weekend anxiety lately, just thinking about all the stuff that has to fit into those two and a half days, but I need to chill for real because it never ends up being as complicated as it seems in my mind.  Living for these beautiful October moments right now ♥


I won this game of Apples to Apples and that’s all you need to know.


Joey’s grandparents’ 55th Anniversary celebration was Saturday.  There was lots of pickleball and I arranged for two food trucks to show up and feed us all.  Sweet Cow for President!  


Come on, Rockies, you can’t even send us out with one last win??


I love you, Stowaway, but can you please get your $#!& together on busy mornings?  You wouldn’t even believe how hard it was to get a simple coffee refill.  Oy!


A very last minute trip to the mountains to see the changing leaves.  Peeped the handful of gold that’s still left, but mostly felt happy to be sipping coffee and listening to Continuum in the car with my best friend.  


Headed to my parents’ afterwards to see my mama, but got the bonus of seeing the whole family!  She gave me a bagful of the cutest teensy apples and my sister (begrudgingly) shared her nail polish with me and gosh do I love those two perfect beauties.  (My mom and sister I mean, not the apples and nail polish :P)

Also, these Speckled Swan Gourds that I saw at Whole Foods and actually said “aww!” about.

A couple of housekeeping items:

  • IT’S BEER WEEK!  Aka Great American Beer Fest is Friday and I’m so excited that I won’t sleep all week and there’s all sorts of beer events going on all week that I fully plan on taking advantage of.  Gonna be the best ever!
  • I swear I’m gonna post about our trip to Las Vegas this week… I hope!

Happy Monday!

One thought on “Weekend Things: October is here!

  1. Isn’t it funny how we can get anxiety over good things like weekends? That said, yours never seem to disappoint and I basically always want to recreate them myself. Oh those leaves! Be still my homesick heart! Still waiting for leaves to change around here, but I’m expecting a pretty Autumn and I really hope Northern Kentucky doesn’t let me down.

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