Weekend Things

A weekend sandwiched between two vacations just can’t compete with the days on either side, can it?  This weekend sure did try though.  By giving us the dreamiest end of summer/beginning of fall weather, a chance to get back to the Union Station Farmers’ Market, plans with friends, Sunday breakfast and even some time to get our shit together (oh right, that laundry and cooking thing…) before the week started.  Can’t complain about any of that 🙂


Friday night, we headed over to Hannah and Josh’s to see their house now that they’re all cleaned up and moved in and WHOA it looked so so good!  Hannah is (and always has been) so good with that home decor stuff and I’m like “TEACH ME!”  We hit up The Old Mine afterwards for dinner/drinks.  They brew their own ciders and even though Joey and I were being beer snobs about it, turned out their cider was amazing.  Got this cutesy taster of apricot-jalapeño that was seriously good.


We went for a run Saturday morning, then biked over to the farmers’ market and even though we hadn’t been in a few weeks, I was back in my happy place just like that ♥  It was blissfully UN-crowded and we bought these HUGE nitro iced coffees.  I’m not usually into that stuff but these were chocolate-milk-creamy status.  But here’s a sad sad story.  ALL I wanted was to bike home with a butternut in my basket.  We spotted one but wanted to consider all our options so we walked the whole market then, when we went back to buy it, it was gone.  NOOOO!  Fake Pouted about it for most of the day.


Post-butternut blunder, we biked home, cleaned ourselves up and grabbed a quick lunch at Brider.  I got this hugh jass salad and ate every last bite, thankyouverymuch.  Afterwards, we headed to a graduation party for Joey’s cousin and there was an ice cream bar so Joey was in his happy place.  Then off to Becca’s birthday party where everyone was dressed up 50’s style, except us because we’re boring and lame 😛


Joey had a 10 mile training run Sunday morning so I biked along with him and not gonna lie, it was kinda nice to be up and at em before it got hot and the paths got crowded.  And it was also nice to be BIKING 10 miles instead of RUNNING them!  Joey killed it though.  Sunday Breakfast afterwards at Revelry Kitchen.  Yelp had very mixed reviews but when that happens, it’s best to just try it for yourself, ya know?  And we had zero complaints!  Chilaquiles forever, please.


Joey was out watching football for most of the afternoon so I binge-cleaned the kitchen (all the coffeeeeee), hit up the grocery store then walked myself over to Base Coat for a manicure.  My nail color is called Comida and I think that’s rather fitting.  Back at home, we harvested our BABY EGGPLANT and then I walked around holding it and thinking it was the cutest thing to ever exist (except that butternut…).  We used it to make some baba ganoush that Joey kept calling “tabbouey” because A) he’s confusing his Mediterranean foods and B) he doesn’t know how to pronounce tabbouleh.  Should I be writing these things about my husband on the internet??

This week: Rockies game!  My uncle is coming into town!  Dinner in Denver (hopefully)!  Vaca on Thursday!  All the best things, basically.  What did you do this weekend?!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. Loved this post! You guys have such a good time together and such a great relationship. Makes me sooo happy. Is this the same comment I always make?

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