A Farewell to January

It’s the last day of January and I’m caught between feeling excited for February (Super Bowl SNACKS!  Valentine’s Day!  The Oscars!  Mardi Gras!  Being just that much closer to warm spring weather!!) and sad that this really good month is over.  January felt SOOOO LOOOONG.  And not in a bad, dragging kind of way, but in a room to stretch out kind of way.

Current state of the country aside (because I think this new administration might require some compartmentalization in order to stay sane for the next four years), I felt more settled and content and in control (or at least way more relaxed about NOT feeling in control) than I have in a long time.

I had 31 days to find some sense of life balance.  To make a bunch of home-cooked meals, but still try new restaurants and enjoy some old favorites too.  To go out, see people, do things, but also to be home doing nothing with no one.  To feel really really happy but also feel really really sad, because sometimes you just need to let that feeling wash over you too.

The thing is, life is always changing so this balanced feeling won’t and can’t last.  At least, not in its current iteration.  But maybe I can take this mindset with me into the rest of the year and let it help me better handle any challenges that lie ahead.