This Week

I’m trying to do a better job “documenting” (and actually publishing) small moments from the week.  I often find myself lost in thoughts of the past, wondering “when DID we watch that movie??” or “what DID I wear to that wedding??”  These aren’t all that important but they will swirl around in my brain until I remember.  Maybe if these snippets exist elsewhere, they’ll stop taking up real estate in my head 🙂


I finished The Eyre Affair on Monday night and I really really loved it!  I got completely (and wonderfully) lost in a world where “Baconians” hand out pamphlets attempting to disprove the existence of William Shakespeare, where dodos are alive and well, living as house pets and everyone knows the story of Jane Eyre like the back of their hand.  If only!  Also as far as main characters go, Thursday Next is pretty badass.


I think I may have mentioned Tuesday night 🙂

In the same vein, I also read this Buzzfeed article called “I Tried the Gray Stuff and It Really Was Delicious!” so if you A) get that reference and B) have also always wondered what the gray stuff is then we should be besties.  Turns out it’s some kind of frosting covered thing but the “article” was packed with comments about how that mystery food appears on a tray of savory appetizers so it’s more likely mushroom pâté and I actually have to agree with the people on that one.


I made Golden Milk!  Joey thinks that’s a gross-sounding name but he’s got a gutter brain and knows nothing Jon Snow.  It was so good all freshly simmered, frothed and spooned straight from the blender but equally delicious in my morning cup of coffee.


I saw some stupid Facebook video a few weeks ago showing how to make a week’s worth of lunches for your kid and thought yeah yeah with kids, I want those lunches.  So I made them for Joey and I and while eating-wise, it was a nice break from our salads, it was so much more work.  Back to salads next week, please!


Real Question: How many years do I have to be on this Earth before the time change stops affecting me so much?  We had just gotten to the point where it stopped being dark in the morning and then we just had to spring forward and now, when I wake up, it feels like the middle of the night.  The good news is, post-work napping in the extra end-of-the-day sunshine helps.


Wednesday: Joey and I tag-teamed this veggie shepherd’s pie and after I finished it up, I ate a big bowl on the couch, in my pajamas while watching Midnight in Paris and it was easily a top moment in a week filled with top moments.  HAVE YOU EVER COMBINED SWEET POTATO AND GOAT CHEESE?!  It is life changing.  Also, should I post this recipe??

Also on Wednesday, I set out on a post-work run (the best part of springing forward is being able to run outside at the end of the day!) and made it a whole 2 miles before throwing in the towel.


Joey was jealous of my solo coffee + toast date last week so we went on one together this week.  After I took this picture, Joey butter-and-jammed that toast to perfection.  More of that, please!

I’m going to my parents’ tonight for corned beef & cabbage, Irish Soda Bread and homemade Green Velvet Cake so sounds like one happy St. Patrick’s Day to me!

That Time I Saw Beauty and the Beast with My Mom

First, a brief history of my relationship with the animated Disney version of Beauty and the Beast.  Basically, it’s just that I must have watched it a million times growing up, I had a Disney cassette tape that included “Gaston” (I use antlers in all of my de-cor-rating!) and I have that yellow dress imprinted on my brain for eternity.  That movie is just part of who I am.

And it wasn’t until I was sitting next to my mom, in a packed IMAX 3D theater, watching that opening scene of Belle wandering the village that I realized just how many times I’d seen the animated version.  It was all SO fresh in my mind.  The way the mud just drips right off Gaston after his failed marriage proposal.  The way Beast’s voice echoes when he says “IT’S FORBIDDEN!” Cogsworth getting stuck upside down in that Jell-O mold during “Be Our Guest.”  Those beams of light coming from Beast’s hands and feet as he changes back into a man.  Okay, yeah, I’ve seen that movie too many times.  But my point is that the live version captured all those moments so well!  I straight up had chills though most of it.


My perfect mother being perfectly cute.

I kept thinking there was no way they could capture the true spectacle of plates and candles dancing or the wonderment of the ballroom scene but “Tale as Old as Time” came on, Belle and Beast were just two people but they seemed to fill up that entire room dancing and the splendor was all there.  I was seconds from a “I’m not crying, you’re crying!” moment but I try to keep the tears on lock when I’m in a public movie theater, ya know?  I didn’t care for those three Broadway (I think?) songs and I didn’t need any backstory on Belle’s mom, but those things weren’t deal-breakers.

In the end, it was JUST like the animated version in that once Beast turned back into a prince, I was underwhelmed 😛  In all seriousness, maybe my love of the live version was mostly rooted in how much I adore the animated version and the fact that they didn’t stray much from it, but whatever!  My heart was so happy and that’s all that matters ♥

P.S. One time, my parents took us to Disneyland and when we saw Gaston at breakfast my sister said “I thought you died” and his response was “My hair saved me.”  SO GOOD.