This Week

On Monday

We had plans to go to the Rockies vs. Cubs game but Mother Nature had other plans and sent the worst hail storm I’ve ever seen instead.  We lost 10 bulbs on our string lights and I’m not sure if our flower pots or garden boxes will recover, but a bunch of people had their car windows smashed, so overall, we lucked out.  It seriously looked like snow, there was so much hail.  The game ended up being postponed and I was not disappointed at being home in my pajamas all night instead.


On Tuesday

Joey tried his best to clean some of the storm debris out of our garden but guys, it’s a freaking mess outside.  Twigs, branches and leaves EVERYWHERE.  It’s ew.  Afterwards, we spent a couple of hours prepping sides for a BBQ we were throwing the next day.  Most importantly, I made a giant cookie in a cast-iron skillet and was delighted by it.


On Wednesday

It rained ALL DAY.  Why?!?!  Go figure we were grilling on the rainiest day of the week but it was Joey’s dad’s birthday so rain or not, we were gonna grill and try our hardest to pretend it was summer.  Had the biggest burgers ever from Whole Foods, plus maple baked beans, potato salad (LOVED!), broccoli crunch and, the pièce de résistance, GIANT CHOCOLATE CHIP SKILLET COOKIE!  With vanilla ice cream, obviously.  I was kind of very happy with how it turned out and Joey squeezed my arm VERY hard after taking his first bite so I think he was happy too.  Happy Birthday, Steve!



On Thursday

It stopped raining, the clouds went away and blue sky/sun returned!  And I got a manicure.  A pre-Nashville vacation manicure!  Is it weird that one of my nails was torn but I didn’t want to rip it off (it woulda been sooo short), so I wore a band-aid over it for two days until they could super glue/Shellac it?  Joey thought it was.

P.S. When are they gonna invent a filter that hides all wrinkles/lines/signs of living in dry-as-can-be-Colorado?  My hands NEED it.


NAILED IT! (pun intended)

On Friday

MY SISTER GRADUATED COLLEGE!!!!!!!  My mom cried as soon as the ceremony started.  I held it together because I was just so excited for her.  I’M SO PROUD!  Celebrating together tonight after work and I can’t wait!


Headed to Nashville this weekend for Joey and I’s TEN YEAR DATING ANNIVERSARY!!!  Can you even believe it??  Mostly, I’m excited to coast off somewhere new to eat and drink and explore with my best friend.  Cheers to that!

2 thoughts on “This Week

  1. I’ve been thinking about going off of sugar again (I’ve relapsed) but now I have to wait until I make that cookie because OMG. But also, I don’t own a cast iron pan yet and I’ve been dying to get one so now I have a great “need” to buy one. I can’t wait to come back this week and hear about your Nashville trip! Hope you’re having a great time!

    • Kate, I urge you to buy a cast-iron skillet! Lodge brand is really inexpensive and we use ours SO MUCH! Plus you totally need that cookie 🙂

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