Weekend Things

You need to know these three important things: HANNAH IS PREGNANT, MY SISTER MOVED OUT, I MADE COBBLER.  Okay, maybe that last one doesn’t belong in there 🙂


We met Hannah and Josh at Humboldt for Friday Happy Hour and yeah yeah, shishitos are great and all but MY BEST FRIENDS ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!  I’ve actually known since March and it was VERY difficult to keep that exciting secret.  She’s due in December and I cannot wait to hold that little babe!


Saturday morning, I woke up in the 5 o’clock hour (NO!) and drove myself to Red Rocks for some yoga and once I got there and saw the bluest sky and the greenest fields and that amphitheater filled with fellow early-morning yogi/yoginis, I felt nothing but the strongest sense of happiness.  Seriously, it was so amazing.  Also, in case you’re wondering if Colorado natives ever become desensitized to the glory of Red Rocks, NO, NO WE DO NOT.


We kinda sorta helped my sister and Wayne into their new apartment that afternoon.  Kinda sorta, in that I felt like I did nothing, especially in comparison to my mother, who was on her hands and knees scrubbing the baseboards.  My sister has quite the shoe collection and I’m really lamenting the fact that we don’t wear the same size.


The rest of our day was spent grocery shopping, napping (when you wake up at 5:30 AM, a nap is of necessity!), making/eating Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler and having our first backyard movie night of the summer!  I suggested Batman, less because Adam West passed away and more because we own them all on DVD and I like that part in Batman Forever when Val Kilmor says “Tell me, Doctor, do you like the thircuth?”  Side Note: I never realized how deeply dorky this movie is until Joey laughed through almost the entire thing.  That Robin laundry scene though!


Sunday breakfast at Stowaway!  I cut into that poached egg and there was BARELY any yolk!  Isn’t that weird??

Post breakfast, we relaxed for a bit then split up for yard cleaning and lunch making duties. Guess who did what! Later on, I totally took a hammock nap when I said I was reading and would you look at our snap peas?!

Joey grilled us burgers for dinner and they were some of his best work! I feel weird saying that about a chicken burger but they were so flavorful and juicy and thick! I could hardly get over it. Oh and we sorta watched the Tonys for the first time ever and it might also be the last time ever.  I was very into Ben Platt’s performance though!

Almost Forgotten Moments of the Weekend:

Being bit by the neighbor cat when we were sitting on our porch swing Friday night.

Watching Big Daddy on Saturday. “Do I need to get you a bottle of formula?”

A new batch of iced coffee concentrate.  Joey walked to pick us up some coffee beans and I was so grateful because it was 90-something degrees and I’d already walked up all those Red Rocks stairs and just couldn’t do it.

Backyard dining and our string lights being the most perfect ever.

What fun things did you do this weekend??