Current Breakfast Obsession: Overnight Oats with Kefir

Bet you thought I forgot about this post series.  Bet you thought I’d been living off oatmeal on the weekdays and waffles on the weekend.  Bet you thought I’d revert back to my almond milk and banana overnight oat summer self once June rolled around.  You bet wrong.


My TimeHop reminded me of this post I wrote last May and these overnight oats with kefir that I ate a few times but then moved on and forgot about.  So sad when that happens.  But they’re back!  And I’m loving them every single morning, except for on the weekend, when I really am just eating waffles…

Just know I bought whole milk plain kefir instead of low-fat and it’s the creamiest!  If you’ve never tried kefir it is thick like yogurt but much less tangy.  I truly love it.  I ran out of coconut flakes and have been topping these with fruit and granola instead and it makes life feel very good.  Try it!