Weekend Things

This weekend involved family time, Rockies games, a 7-mile run, a facial, exploring CRUSH in RiNo and a Sunday that didn’t exactly go according to plan…


But would you mind terribly if I just flooded the rest of this blog post with pictures of fall leaves?  Okay, cool!


I’ve been obsessively checking Instagram for pictures in different mountain locations so I could hit the peak leaf-looking moment and this weekend suddenly seemed like the time to head to Boreas Pass, so we got up early Sunday morning and drove into the mountains.  The roads were clear, the breeze was refreshingly chilly and WHOA those golden leaves.  They did not disappoint.  I dunno, is driving up a dirt road enclosed by red, gold and orange leaves one of the best moments of life or what?

I was hoping we could hit Vail this coming weekend but the forecast doesn’t look the best so we’ll just have to wait and see.  But tell me, how was your weekend?!

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