Weekend Things: December Nights

Friday night at the Sie watching Christmas Vacation with an audience full of ugly sweaters and adult eggnog.  Saturday night at the Ogden watching Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats from the second row.  Sunday night at the Buell watching Buddy the Elf sing and dance.  This time of year is busy but in the best way possible ♥


The Sie is running a holiday movie series and even though I sort of wanted to see A Muppet Christmas Carol, Christmas Vacation seemed more age appropriate so Friday night, we took ourselves out to a 9:30 PM showing like a couple of young fun people.  I love that part when Beverly D’Angelo says “what can I say except, it’s Christmas and we’re all in misery.”  Ha!


Saturday, we took ourselves to dinner at Dos Santos, where Joey ate his “favorite salsa EVER,” I ate a carrot taco (I would!) and we took a shot with out waitress before walking over to the Ogden.  Doors opened at 8 but when we got there at 8:40 we were able to walk right to the front, meaning we were mere feet from the action!  I’ve never been so close.  This show was so incredibly fun and this band is a pure delight to watch.  If you ever have the chance to see them live, GO!


Sunday night was set around our annual holiday show, starting with dinner at Euclid Hall and ending with Elf the Musical.  I think everyone (myself included!) dug Euclid and now that I’ve eaten their cheese curds, I can die happy.  It was the last performance for Elf so it was a full house, with lots of people dressed in elf costumes or beard ornaments or Cowboys ugly sweaters.  I guess that last one was just Joey 🙂

Besides these three incredible nights, this weekend involved hot yoga, rounding out our Christmas shopping, baking eggnog banana bread mini loaves and me visiting the baby AGAIN.  I can’t stop!  But in all fairness, I just wanted to bring my mom and sister over to meet him plus holding a baby makes all life’s worries disappear.

How was your weekend?!

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