An Oscars Post You Definitely Need to Read

Or, actually, you really don’t but I’m going to write it anyway! ūüėõ

If it’s even possible, I think I’ve one-upped myself on Oscar obsession this year.¬† If this trend continues, what will I be like in two, five, ten years??¬† The answer is probably INSUFFERABLE.¬† It’s possible I’ve spent far too many hours wondering how¬†A Star is Born¬†has managed to NOT sweep every award show, listening to every podcast that even mentions the Oscars and rolling my eyes every time I remember¬†Bohemian Rhapsody is nominated for Best Picture but¬†If Beale Street Could Talk¬†is not?? ¬†Let’s discuss.


Best Picture

Who I Want to Win: A Star is Born

Who I Think Will Win: Roma

But I won’t be mad when¬†Roma¬†wins because what a masterpiece it is!


Actor in a Leading Role

Who I Want to Win: Bradley Cooper

Who I Think Will Win: Rami Malek

Rami nailed the physicality of Freddie Mercury, but I don’t know, is imitation really as impressive as lowering your voice a whole octave, keeping up with Lady Gaga when you’re NOT even a singer and bringing new emotional depth to a character that’s already been depicted three times, all while starring and directing??


Actress in a Leading Role

Who I Want to Win: Lady Gaga

Who I Think Will Win: Glenn Close

I saw¬†The Wife¬†and it legitimately made me so mad.¬† The premise of the film — that a wife could ghost write her husband’s entire canon of novels — is just WILDLY unbelievable.¬† She also puts a stop to her career because ONE female novelist advises her not to become a writer?¬† I can’t with this film and therefore with Glenn Close’s performance, which was fine I guess but lost in this nothing film.¬† Gaga forever!


Actor in a Supporting Role

Who I Want to Win: Sam Elliott or Richard E. Grant

Who I Think Will Win: Mahershala Ali

Look, Mahershala is great, but he just won and I’m also sort of confused why Mahershala gets to be spared any of the¬†Green Book¬†controversy.¬† Did he sign onto this film like everyone else?¬† Anyway, no moment moved me like a teary-eyed Sam Elliott backing out of the driveway and Richard E. Grant is just a delightful human being who gave a superb performance in¬†Can You Ever Forgive Me?


Actress in a Supporting Role

Who I Want to Win: Regina King

Who I Think Will Win: Regina King

I feel teary every time I think of the sincerity and ferocity Regina put into this performance.  It was astounding.


Miscellaneous Hopes & Thoughts

I’m going to be really excited when Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse wins because animated or not, superheroes or not, it was one of my favorite movies of the year.

I listened to the score from If Beale Street Could Talk at work on Friday and it is though I know NOTHING about music, it is seriously so beautiful.

Real quick just want to mention that Eighth Grade¬†was such an amazing movie and it’s a crime against humanity that it wasn’t nominated for ANYTHING.¬† The end.

I am very nervous for Bradley Cooper to sing. ¬†Please let it go well…

Mainly, I know the Oscars have been kind of a mess this year — I think they walked back literally every announcement they made — but look, there’s only so much you can do to¬†make¬†it a good show, the rest is out of everyone’s control. ¬†No matter what, I’m excited to watch!

Are you watching the Oscars tonight?