Weekend Things

Dempsey is 7 months old!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 When the heck did that happen?? I think I’ve said this every month, but this is already my favorite month. His little personality (which is so exuberant!) is absolutely infectious and I love seeing just so many smiles and hearing so many noises and when he wraps his little arms around my neck, I just about die! He loves to sit and stand (with some help 😋) and if you have a button or a zipper or a string or a necklace, he will see it and he will grab it (and most likely put it in his mouth…). He is a great sleeper, a great eater and just an all-around joy❤ Wow, all that happiness made me forget I cut the corner of my finger off chopping bacon yesterday but then my throbbing finger reminded me I cut the corner of my finger off chopping bacon yesterday…

Another Friday, another walk to the coffee shop. The baristas were maskless for the first time since last June and it was truly weird to see the bottom of their faces for the first time! Dempsey was outside with Dad trying to pet a cat through the glass 😂 The work day was sort of chaotic for Joey and I but we did fit in baby’s first peanut butter toast and he was very into it! A boy after my own heart with peanut butter, ya know?? ❤ We’ve started feeding him “lunch” in addition to dinner and even though it one more mess to clean up, I don’t mind. Also, we’ve still been doing a puree/solid food combo and not going to lie, we mainly spoon the puree into his mouth ourselves. He CAN hold the spoon, but it’s just way less messy if we give him a little help 🙂

Leftover spinach goat cheese turkey burgers for dinner and then we watched Top Chef and two episodes of WandaVision to end the night.

Saturday, what a day! Woke up to a smiley boy and then, while he and Joey were out grabbing iced coffee for the adults, I made just way too many ricotta pancakes and man were they fluffy!!! And also very tasty. Steve and Lorna came to visit later that morning and Demps was just waking up from his nap, so that was perfect timing. Post Nap #2 and solo runs for both Joey and I, we all headed back to Elliott Gardens for some more pots and plants and then we spread out our new rug and while Joey installed the hooks for our pots, I planted the flowers and I LOVE how it all turned out!!!! We have plans for that garden bed along the garage and then I think our backyard will be perfect. That larger planter was an apartment-warming gift for my sis and Wayne, who just moved to Denver, a mere seven minute drive from us! Demps tried yogurt for the first time and was VERY into it, YAY. And we ordered Dio Mio and were very into our meals as well. We watched Shiva Baby after our own baby went to bed and we liked it!

Good morning from the cutest face I’ve ever seen! Joey and I got double bagel sandwiches and iced coffee and since Dempsey slept in later than usual (🙌), he sat outside with us while we ate. We maybe tried to fit too many things into the rest of the day, including bathroom cleaning, some food prep for us and for Dempsey, a trip to my sis’s, and a second baby nap so that we didn’t make it to the Rockies game until the fifth inning, OOPS!!! I honestly didn’t realize we were that late until we got into our seats. It was windier than I would have liked but a baby on your lap will keep you warm. That baby was overtired by the time we got back home and Joey sure had some trouble getting him down for that last nap 😥 Meanwhile, I was making us a sheet pan tofu and veggie dinner. Demps had more yogurt and then we tried cauliflower again and he liked it way more than last time!

Post baby bedtime, we sat down to watch the Billboard Music Awards and I KNOW I set that recording but it somehow wasn’t going. Luckily, BTS performed a few minutes later (perfect timing) and that dance break in the middle of their “Butter” performance nearly killed me. I will absolutely be re-watching that fifty times today. I hope you love yourself enough to do the same 🙂 Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. I know there are so many other cute/fun/ouch things to comment on with this post, but Jordan and I are buying ourselves a new bed after many years and really what I’d love to know is where you got your headboard and if you like it…do you mind sharing? We’ve never had a headboard but we’d like our room to look a little more finished.

    • Hi! No problem, it is from Wayfair! It was the first thing we bought when we moved and we’ve ordered soooo many other things from Wayfair after that and ultimately soured on it, BUT this headboard is perfectly fine and not very expensive. It was super simple to put together too!

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