Weekend Things

Whew, what a weekend! Things started out well with a date night for Joey and I but then Dempsey had a rough rough night and Saturday was a busy day for us, so things felt all out of whack. Luckily, we all recovered by Sunday and as luck would have it, we had no plans and it ended up being a great day. We made our first beer-can chicken!

Took our usual Friday morning walk to the coffee shop and not to brag, but MY BABY’S EYES! 😍 I was cooking us some chickpeas and decided to make a little bean mash for Demps. He had some for dinner and was very into it, but it may have backfired on us later? My parents came over that evening, so Joey and I could sneak out and see a movie! To say I’ve been looking forward to In the Heights on the big screen would be a huge understatement and it totally lived up to my own hype! Anthony Ramos is a STAR and I was NOT emotionally prepared for all those giant dance sequences. My heart was so happy! We definitely had some nits to pick afterward but mostly, this movie was so so fun and I loved being in a big full theater on an opening weekend. I missed that feeling so much!

Back at home, we learned Dempsey had stayed awake for all of half an hour after we left! We should’ve known that was a bad sign. He woke up crying around midnight (and he is NOT a crier!) and we could NOT get him back to sleep. Every time we’d put him in his crib or try to leave the room, he would be inconsolable 😥 Joey ended up holding him in the rocking chair until 4 AM!!! If you’re thinking “TEETH!” so were we, but maybe also those beans??? It was so sad!

We were all looking a little out of it come Saturday morning. I had a bridal shower to go to mid-morning and definitely should’ve just relaxed with the boys beforehand, but instead we made souffle pancakes — to be fair, they turned out very good! — and then Dempsey went down for a goooood looooong nap, thank goodness! Nicole’s shower was great! I got to see a bunch of Joey’s female family members, some of whom I hadn’t seen in soooo long and it was a very chill vibe. Joey sent me that picture of a cranky baby when he woke up from his nap, but that Chipotle burrito must have revived him 😂 because he was back to his normal happy self by the time I got home.

Joey headed out for evening golf later on, so Demps and I got some time together and then my parents came over so my dad could babysit (AGAIN! BEST GRANDPA!) and my mom and I could go get pedicures. And okay, I love Base Coat but I do not understand their COVID protocol. For a while, they were spraying the bottom of everyone’s shoes?? Their new policy is that you have to have your phone on silent and no taking phone calls?? Meanwhile, masks and plexiglass dividers mean my mom and I were yelling “WHAT??” at each other the whole time. Good thing it was like the fourth time my mom and I had seen each other that week, so we didn’t have too much to tell each other 😂

Back at home, my sis and Wayne had joined my dad and Dempsey was drooling ALL OVER my sis. We all ate dinner and then I put that sad baby to bed and he just tossed and turned until 8ish when he fully woke up and was inconsolable again! I tried rocking him, I tried Tylenol, I tried cuddling him, I tried giving him a frozen teether and nothing seemed to help. Joey came home and we all hung out in our bed for a bit and Demps seemed to turn a corner and let me put him in his crib for bed. We did hear him a couple of times in the night but otherwise, he seemed to sleep normally, thank goodness!!! He has always been such a good nighttime sleeper that I am totally unprepared when he has even one bad night. He’s spoiled me and now I’m a baby about not getting enough sleep every night!

Sunday was such a good day and we needed it! Dempsey slept till 8!!! Unheard of. It actually worked out perfect because we had wanted to hit the Highlands Farmers’ Market and it didn’t start until 9, which normally would’ve interfered with Nap #1 but didn’t! We walked over and it was already BUSTLING! And hot! After being so disappointed by the Union Station FM, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Lots of produce, including CHERRIES! And I saw the tent I usually get peaches from later in the summer!!! We grabbed coffee at Novo, breakfast to go from the Basted Egg food truck, the cutest vase of flowers, aforementioned cherries and walked back home. Saw the most amazing front yard on our way back too! Joey put the baby down for his nap and then we ate breakfast and it was really really good!

That afternoon, we went through some of the clothes Hannah gave us — THAT TANK TOP THOUGH! — and Demps got some mango (and maybe a few tiny pieces of Mom’s cherries) for lunch and he was LOVING it! Thank goodness because he has seemed so uninterested in solid food for the past week and I was feeling sort of discouraged. That night we made beer-can chicken for the first time. Joey said he wanted to try it this summer, so I found us a recipe and we went for it. Took longer than the recipe said (ain’t that always the case?) but it turned out SO GOOD. Like fall off the bone tender and that rub was so good. Joey layered extra skin pieces over my pieces that already had skin 😂🥰 We also tried cooking a whole cauliflower on the grill but it was like an hour and a half later and it was still rock hard, so I cut it up and tossed it in the oven. We didn’t eat until after Dempsey was in bed but that just meant dinner was extra leisurely and it felt sooooo nice. Have I mentioned I love summer???

Please tell me how your weekend was 🙂

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