Weekend Things

Another weekend, another family BBQ. Whew, I am beat! But in a good way and actually, we had Friday and Saturday without any plans and that was really really nice. I had Dempsey all to myself that first night while Joey golfed and Joey and I were able to complete a little backyard project the next day. To top it all off, my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew all came over on Sunday for ribs (SO GOOD) and major life catch up. It was their first time meeting Dempsey! What a sweet moment that was ❤

Someone slept in on Friday, woohoo! We took our usual weekly walk to the coffee shop and around 1:45, Joey took off to go golfing and I got to spend the rest of the evening with my cute date. Guys, my son has all the toys but what he really wants to play with is a dried up leaf on the ground 🤷‍♀️😂 Also, my date made me rip up his food and hand-feed it to him?? Can’t say I’ve done that on a date before! I grilled myself seven shishitos because that’s all that was ready to harvest in the garden and I can’t wait for more! I considered watching a movie by myself, but ultimately decided to just sit outside and read till Joey got home. It felt very nice 😊

Saturday Pt. 1 involved a perfect buttermilk waffle and Joey making me take that picture of Andi on Dempsey’s head. Who knows! Afterward, I headed to Tennyson for a facial. My usual place moved/COVID happened and I felt like I needed to find a new place closer to home. I really liked Alchemy Face Bar but I get so nervous about putting new products on my face and maybe had some anxiety during. It all went well though, so I’ll probably be back!

Saturday Pt. 2 involved that little rock garden project! We finally finally got our fountain delivered last week (the pump was MIA but we got it a couple of days later), so we were really eager to get the garden bed cleaned out and the rock put in. It didn’t take long and I really love the way it turned out! The sound of the fountain is so relaxing back there. Look at Dempsey’s top teeth and the cutest gap between them! I love it very much. Joey grilled us a pizza for dinner and was being so hard on himself for getting the crust a bit too crispy on one side. Uh oh, I’m rubbing off on him and that’s not a good thing! I suggested we get ice cream after and as soon as we got outside with the stroller and the baby, we realized we had a flat tire so we carried him the whole way and he only sort of grabbed for my cone of Salted Oreo a million times 😂 After he went down for bed, we started Loki!

Sunday started with egg sandwiches — wow, I am just realizing Joey cooked a lot of things for me this weekend 🥰 — then we got all prepped for our BBQ. I had baked the ribs on Saturday, so we had minimal prep to do. We hadn’t seen my brother & co. since my baby shower last August! My niece and nephew are both freaking tall!!!! It was a million degrees but the food and company were the best distraction. I loved seeing Dempsey with his cousins ❤ I maybe kicked my mom, dad, sis and Wayne out later because I was tired and needed to veg, ha! And I got to hang with Demps on my own again while Joey took a brief nap and he’s so fun to watch play. I love him very much! Ended the night with Big Brother and another episode of Loki. Please tell me what you did this weekend!

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