An All Star Week to Remember

All Star Week in Denver has come to a close and I have the post-event blues to prove it. We had the Home Run Derby on Monday, the All Star Game on Tuesday and to cap it all off, a quieter (and much less crowded) family night checking out the Hall of Legends exhibit, followed by dinner in McGregor Square on Thursday. I won’t pretend leaving Demps with babysitters or having less time to get work done or figuring out the logistics of picking up dinner and getting to Coors Field was easy (anxiety was not my friend this week!), but in the end, it all worked out and I am just so truly grateful to have experienced this maybe (but hopefully not) once-in-a-lifetime experience, right in my own city ❤❤❤

Home Run Derby // Okay, this was way way cool! I knew it was going to be fun, but I was kind of surprised at just how much I ended up enjoying it. It is insane to see these big hitters launch the ball just as far as they do and um 35 homeruns in a single round?? Okay, Pete Alonso! Ohtani vs Soto went into two tiebreakers and some of those Ohtani balls went over our section and into the third deck. I think he is so cool! The guy sitting right next to Joey and, a couple of minutes later, the guy sitting right next to him, each caught a ball. Joey was so mad!

All Star Game // Tuesday night, we sat with Adam and Lori between home plate and third base and those were some really nice seats! I cannot tell you a single thing that happened in the game, except that Marquez was great, but it was perfect weather and I had a good beer. On our way out, we walked behind where they were filming the broadcast and got stuck in a swarm of people trying to see ARod and Big Papi. Being sardined in a crowd is not exactly the gentle reintroduction to normal life I was looking for 😬

Hall of Legends + McGregor Square // Thursday night, we took Demps to McGregor Square to check out the Hall of Legends exhibit inside the Rally Hotel. It was my first time seeing McGregor Square and I was super impressed! The exhibit was small but really interesting. Those wood bats are so cool to see! We got to walk through the square afterward and I love all the baseball-centric details they have everywhere. Afterward, we had dinner at Carmine’s and THAT GARLIC BREAD 😍 Demps maybe ate a lot of it too 😂 After the derby and the game without him, it was fun being able to bring him somewhere and he was such a good boy in the restaurant. Look at his little hand on his great grandpa’s sleeve 🥺

I hope you all had a nice week and good weekend plans ahead. We are hosting one more summer BBQ on Sunday but I am so looking forward to some downtime on Friday and Saturday. We need it!

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