This Week & Dempsey’s First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

It’s Friday the 15th, but feels like Friday the 13th because this morning I was trying to help Joey carry two coffees and a sandwich into the house and what I actually did was scare him so that he spilled the coffee onto himself and then when I was unloading the dishwasher I dropped a bowl onto another bowl and then hit a Mason jar. All three shattered all over the counter and kitchen floor! WHYYYYY. Anyway, it’s been a good week otherwise because Dempsey has recovered from his bout of bad sleep and we got to take him to the pumpkin patch for the first time. THE BEST!

Monday at the park with Grandma and Grandpa and do you see that handsome boy?!

I worked from home on Tuesday and was there ALL BY MYSELF! Felt weird but good at the same time. I’m a better mother, wife and person when I get a little alone time ๐Ÿ˜Š Had a pretty lunchtime salad for one too!

We were trying to think of a time that we could take this little dude to the pumpkin patch and then we remembered we both work from home on Wednesday and it would probably be way easier, quicker, less crowded to go on a week day. And we were going to drive 20 minutes into Broomfield but I pass this little farm just up the road every week and it looked perfectly cute! We had the place all to ourselves and Dempsey got his fill of pumpkins to touch and look at. Homeboy LOOOOOVES pumpkins!


This weekend Joey is running a half marathon (!!!), we have a family party to go to (!!!) and we have a mostly plan-less Sunday before another busy week that includes someone’s first birthday (!!!!!!!!!!). Hope you have fun plans lined up too!

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