Weekend Things

Just realized most of my weekend pictures are of Dempsey. That seems about right 🙂 This is our one weekend home between two weekends in Vegas, so we tried to take advantage by seeing our friends, doing some home projects and soaking up lots of time with our little man. Oh and we felt bad asking anyone to babysit, so we each saw the same movie but by ourselves at different times 😂

Just chillin at the water cooler with a cup of coffee, ya know? Had our normal Friday morning with Dempsey before Grandma Lori came to get him to go to the zoo! Couldn’t have been nicer weather.

Lori sent this photo of him looking at a giant fish. Sounded like they had a fun time! We picked him up at the end of the day and made our way home and then Hannah, Josh, Mason and Henry came over and we had BBQ for dinner and watched the boys run around like crazy. Joey and I are trying to take Dempsey out to more restaurants but sometimes it’s just so nice to be able to sit and chat at the table while the kids entertain themselves for a couple of hours. Totally forgot to take any pictures but they all had fun in the bumper car and Dempsey decided Hannah was his new mom and wouldn’t leave her side. It was the cutest 😍😍

Pancakes and wall sits. I went simple and just made our standard honey sesame pancakes and they hit the spot.

Played a bit afterward and then tackled the bins of clothes Hannah passed down to us on Friday. Dempsey has a full closet of new clothes and I’m so happy about it! Then Joey headed out for his viewing of Everything Everywhere All At Once. He got back around 2 and would give me NOTHING. Not even an “I liked it,” so I guess he’s good at keeping a spoiler. My viewing started at 3 and even though it was weird sharing a table at the Alamo with a stranger, it was still a good time. THIS MOVIE IS INSANE. Totally lives up to its name. I laughed, I cried, I loved it. My theater was pretty full and everyone was losing their minds over the funny parts. Some of it goes past my level of humor, but, for the most part, I found it hysterical. Check it out, if you have time! Michelle Yeoh is a goddess. Also, it was fun seeing a movie solo but I prefer going with Joey!

There is a whole bit about an everything bagel in Everything Everywhere All At Once and it made me really want one! Joey and Dempsey headed out to a brewery that recently started serving coffee and bagel sandwiches to grab one for each of us. They were really good and just the right size!

Who knows what we did all afternoon except that Dempsey’s new thing is to get out this bunny pillow and blanket and lay down with both and it’s the cutest thing. Joey also changed him into some “capris” (aka he rolled up his pants 😂) and I loved the look! Joey installed a new closet organization unit upstairs and a bookcase/shelving unit downstairs where we keep all of Dempsey’s toys and hopefully both help us out. Oh and I went and got a facial during nap time then came home and read for a bit. Gotta finish my book before tomorrow’s book club meeting!

Made wings for dinner and that Jamaican Jerk sauce my sis and Wayne got Joey for his birthday was tasting extra firey, but in a good way. Dempsey is getting so good at eating wings too! Mid-dinner we tried to practice winking with him and he was making thee funniest faces. We were laughing so hard. Hope you had a good weekend too!

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