Weekend Things

This weekend was full of things that probably sound mundane but have become the sort of things that make me happy lately. A trip to the library, buying Thanksgiving decorations, unpacking groceries, watching a movie at home, making Sunday morning breakfast, dropping off our ballots, sitting on the couch for two full hours to read. Bliss! And hey, we also had a true blue date night, that included babysitters, dinner and a movie. Forgot how fun that could be!

Woke up to snow on Friday! Feels late to be getting the first real snow (or has it snowed already?? 🤔) but then Emily told me it still felt like summer in Chicago and I saw fans at a few football games on TV on Sunday that were in short sleeves, so maybe it’s only winter here? We had tickets for Denver Film Fest that night, so Lauren and Adam babysat and I only had mild anxiety because I think the last time we left Dempsey with someone else for bedtime was literally in April… but my anxiety was for naught because he was a good boy and went to sleep easy for them 🤍 We grabbed a quick dinner at Chipotle then walked next door to the Sie for a film called Broker. It was a South Korean film about two men who broker babies that have been left in “baby boxes” at a church and stared Song Kang-ho. Joey and I both thought it was “very good” and Song Kang-ho is always good but I thought the actress who played the mother was wonderful and we both really loved the little boy who ends up tagging along.

Demps was up early Saturday morning but Joey was up even earlier (his viewing of The Blair Witch Project had to be cut short 😂), so the boys hung out so I could sleep a little longer and then when I got up, they had already started making waffles 🥰 Dempsey is forever asking for “a little bite of butter” so that’s what he’s doing in that first picture. Afterward, Joey got to work fixing our upstairs baby gate which came out of the wall last week. Dempsey loves to help! Took a trip to the coffee shop, then Ace then the library afterward then lunch and a nap for Dempsey, while we watched GBBO and then I started a new book that I’m already really liking!

Post-nap, we took a family trip to Cost Plus World Market. It’s one of the return locations for Pink Blush, so I’ve taken a few things back there recently and had some 10% off coupons to use and Thanksgiving decorations to buy. Kind of a terrifying place to take children because 90% of the store is made of glass but what can you do? There was some kind of gnome scavenger hunt going on while we were there, so Joey and Dempsey were distracted by that 😂 We didn’t find any though! Back at home, leftovers for dinner, a bath (complete with bubble beards) and bedtime for Dempsey and then Joey and I watched Catherine Called Birdy, which was cute but also a little bit juvenile. I think most of the cast was also on Game of Thrones 😋

I know every hates falling back because it’s so dark so early in the day, but I love having sunlight in the morning for a little bit again. And not to brag, because I saw so many parents posting about their children waking up super early on Sunday, but this good boy is content to just quietly chill in his crib in the morning, so I have no idea when he woke up! I forgot about this good savory breakfast of leeks, spinach, eggs and feta that I had been really into at the beginning of the year before the first trimester of pregnancy sent me off the deep end. It was as good as I remembered! Meanwhile, Dempsey finished his breakfast, put down his fork and exclaimed “fix the gate!” So off the boys went to finish up their project. I guess Dempsey was inspired because he was trying to hammer this flag into the wall later on 😂

Before nap time, Joey and Dempsey bundled up and went on a run, then played at the park. I hear he left that beanie on the entire time, so I was happy! Oh and check out the Big Brother cape Grandma Lori got him 😍 I think I spent the entire time they were running/playing at the park + all of nap time reading. Always tempting to watch TV with Joey instead, but we didn’t really have anything we were dying to watch, so it was nice to spend that time in a more productive way (made salads for the week too!). Once Dempsey was up, we dropped off our ballots, planted garlic, then Dempsey and I made pumpkin cookies that I hadn’t made in soooooo long. They are perfectly soft and fluffy! We were all big fans. For dinner, we ate meatloaf for the millionth time because I made so much last week, oops! Don’t get me wrong, it’s really good but A) Dempsey won’t even touch it (hence this recycled photo from last week) and B) we’ve run out of all the side dishes I’d been serving it with 😱 Joey and I really enjoyed our three Brussels sprouts each 😂 After toddler bedtime, we watched The White Lotus and went to bed ourselves.

Happy Monday!