Weekend Things

Whew, we had a productive and busy weekend and I am feeling it today! Or maybe I’m just 35 weeks pregnant and everything hurts?? The Braxton Hicks are near constant and my pelvis feels broken. I don’t remember being this uncomfortable with Dempsey, but I’m just doing my best to remind myself we’re almost there. I don’t remember getting that nesting bug with Dempsey either but it hit me hard on Friday, which means the crib is set up, the room is re-arranged, the mini-crib is in our room and ALL THE CLOTHES are washed and hung up. Feels so good! Plus we had an early Thanksgiving celebration on Saturday and a concert on Sunday, so it’s definitely feeling like the holidays and that feels so good too 😊

Friday night burgers and crib set up! Dempsey was sick all week with a nasty cough and I was praying it didn’t turn out to be RSV or that Joey and I would be next but I’m happy to report he’s much much better and both parents seem to have avoided contracting whatever he had. We celebrated Friday with burgers from Park Burger and one of the things I love best about Joey is that if I suddenly decide I want to do a project, he jumps on board and gets it done immediately. He and Dempsey started putting the crib together before dinner, then finished up afterward and oooo, it’s so cute! We played around with where we wanted to put everything, but this is the final decision. I love how the pink looks! After Dempsey went to bed, we watched the GBBO final and even though I sort of wanted Sandro to pull it out, Syabira was my other season-long favorite, so I was thrilled for her!

Lots more baby prep on Saturday! Joey was going so hard on the furniture re-arrangement and laundry and I kept reminding him it was only Saturday. That’s how the other side of the room looks and yes, it’s a little bit busy and crowded but I kind of like it! Dempsey only cried and pretended to fall down on the ground and not be able to get up without help a few times while the attention was not solely on him, so that’s a good sign, right?? 😂 During nap time, I sat down and finished this book of essays that I liked but didn’t love. I related so much to some of the stuff she wrote about motherhood but I didn’t really feel like it had a narrative progression and I wanted it to. I’ve been book-less for two days now because the library is closed Sunday and Monday and it’s been torture! After Dempsey’s nap, we all got ready and headed over to Steve and Lorna’s to celebrate Thanksgiving and it was a very nice evening. A holiday season without alcohol is sort of depressing but I got to hold Delaney and watch Dempsey hand out candy to everyone, so that was fun 🥰

Sunday started with bagel sandwiches. Dempsey and I chilled on the couch while Joey picked them up. I gave Joey some very Sally Albright-esque instructions on what kind of coffee drink I wanted 😂 and Dempsey, of course, wanted a vanilla steamer. Afterward, we hung up all the baby clothes Joey washed on Saturday plus all the bows and headbands we received at the sprinkle and whether she wears them or not, the display is cute! Her mini-crib is housing stuffed animals right now, otherwise, it’s ready to go! Before lunch, Dempsey helped me make cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. He’s my favorite sous chef!

My parents came over a little bit later, so Joey, Lori, Chad, Lauren, Adam and I could all go to dinner and a concert. We hit up Bar Dough and it did not disappoint! Garlic bread, pizza, cacio e pepe and pork milanese. All so so good. Then we headed over to Ball Arena to see a sold out Pentatonix show. They were so good! Joey and I were kind of surprised when they took a fifteen minute intermission, but staying out late on a Sunday night every once in a while is okay. That last picture is meant to show you how bright it gets just from everyone holding up their phone flashlight! Back at home, we released my parents who reported that Dempsey was a good boy and went to sleep easy and that’s what I like to hear. Happy Thanksgiving week!