Weekend Things

Felt like we made a giant mess of our house ten times this weekend, but here we are on Monday and things look pretty cleaned up. Tis the season! We were super looking forward to Mason’s birthday party on Saturday morning but he woke up with a fever, so it had to be postponed. Still, we had a really good weekend!

Between his little cold and Thanksgiving, Dempsey hadn’t been to his gymnastics class in a few weeks so we were all excited for him to go back. Joey dropped him off at Grandma’s in the morning and as they were walking out the door, he told me “come in the car, Mama” but I had to tell him I had lots of RM content to catch up on instead πŸ˜‚ Indigo dropped that morning and there was a music video to watch, a Tiny Desk Concert to obsess over and ten new tracks to play on loop. It is so very good, with “Yun,” “All Day” and “Hectic” being my current favorites!

Our boy had a good time at his class and got to hang with Grandma the rest of the day 🀍 I had a late manicure and then I met Joey and Dempsey at Edgewater for dinner. The smile on Dempsey’s face when I walked in to meet them and him exclaiming “it’s Christmas!” is one of the happiest moments of my life! I ate a veggie Reuben made of pastrami-fied celery root that was so crazy inventive and spicy in a way that I would like a lot better if I wasn’t so scared of third trimester heartburn! Afterward, we played a few rounds of Guess Who, took a picture of Dempsey in front of one of the many trees they have set up inside the marketplace, then stopped at a house I’d passed on my way over that was all decorated for Christmas. We made it through almost all of Christmas Vacation after we put Dempsey to bed πŸ˜‚

I was in the kitchen mixing up batter for buttermilk waffles on Saturday morning when we got the news that Mason’s party was being postponed ☹ Instead we ate our waffles (plus we made a bunch more for the freezer!), went to Home Depot (Dempsey cried for his juice the entire drive there but was a happy boy again once he had it in his hands) then drove to the park on Tennyson. I stopped into the new Huckleberry Roasters for a coffee then joined the boys and for about ten minutes we kept asking Dempsey if he wanted to go down the swirly slide and he kept telling us “NO!” then he suddenly just decided to go for it and ended up loving it! So cute/fun to watch him come to things in his own time.

Wrapped a bunch of Christmas presents during nap time and later on Joey cooked us a very good dinner of braised chicken thighs, butter-roasted carrots and wild rice and even though Joey thought he oversalted all of it, Dempsey and I were both big big fans! Carrots, green beans and sweet potatoes seem to be on the list of vegetables he’ll eat right now and I’ll take it. He even took some bites of braised leek! After bedtime for Dempsey, Joey and I watched The Apartment and don’t get me wrong, I liked it and thought Shirley MacLaine was a delight, but Jack Lemmon was kind of too goofy to take seriously as a romantic lead and it was weird when he told her he loved her but they never even kissed??

Debated ordering in for Sunday breakfast but opted to eat in and we all wanted something different. “Cream wheat” for Dempsey, an egg sandwich with sausage and cheese for me and hashbrowns, over easy eggs and toast for Joey. The dishes we dirtied though! 😫 I also made some freezer breakfast sandwiches for after our baby girl arrives, so we can have something simple to heat up in the microwave when needed. I baked the eggs and they were so fluffy that these sandwiches were TALL πŸ˜‚ A little bit later, Joey and Dempsey went on a run then played at the park and shoutout to my husband for not even asking if I wanted to join them because I probably would’ve said yes when I should’ve been resting instead. Read the latest 5280 and some of my current book while they were out and it felt real nice!

Sunday night festivities included hot chocolate, family and lots of lights at the Botanic Gardens. I actually think they have more decorations out for the Halloween event, but this was still pretty to look at and fun for us all to be together. Dempsey liked it! He wanted to touch all of the lights and absolutely chugged his hot chocolate πŸ˜‚ It would’ve been nice to be able to zip my jacket up, but what can you do? We were in and out in just about an hour, so we still got home and got Demps to bed on time. Joey said it was perfect timing and I thought he meant because we’d still have time to watch The White Lotus but he was talking about watching the rest of the Cowboys game 😣 We did get to watch The White Lotus though. I’m really interested to see the finale next week but something about this season feels a little more hollow than the last one. Oh and we were driving ourselves insane all weekend trying to find the newborn inserts for my car seat and then we realized they’re non-removable and have just always been in my car seat πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Hope you had a good weekend!

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