Weekend Things

Oh my god, the return of the Weekend Things post!  Because real life exciting things actually happened this weekend, not just me laying on the couch because we have nothing to do 😛


My sister graduated from nursing school!!!!  I’m so proud of her ♥  It went by so quickly… for me, a person who didn’t have to do any of the hard work she did 🙂  Her pinning ceremony was cancelled and rescheduled as a Zoom call.  It was my first one and I found it highly entertaining.  The best was when someone didn’t have their microphone muted, so any time they made noise, the camera would jump to them!  Andi was less invested, apparently.


Saturday morning, we had to make ourselves scarce for a few hours because we are renting out our house once we move and we had a whole bunch of showings.  Only slightly freaked me out to think of strangers walking around my home, but masks were required and they weren’t allowed to touch anything.  First, we headed to the Wooden Spoon for breakfast sandwiches!  I forgot my mask, so Joey went up to place our order and I attempted to walk Andi in the neighborhood but he acted like separating from Joey was a death sentence and threw a huge barking fit the entire time, probably waking up every living soul in the vicinity….  After we ate our sandwiches, we took a stroll through our new neighborhood (we even discovered a little cottage bakery!) and I can’t wait to live in it!  We did some packing and grocery pick up during the day, then made this delicious dinner and watched Blow the Man Down, which we both really enjoyed.


Sunday, I woke up to pancakes (joy of all joys!) and we did a bit more packing but also stopped to 1. take a walk, 2. do some yoga and 3. watch episodes 7 & 8 of The Last Dance (yes, even I am watching).  Around 5, my mom, dad, sister and Wayne came over and look, please don’t judge me.  I don’t know what the rules are any more and it is shockingly easy to talk yourself into seeing your family.  We sat outside, at separate tables and each had our own box of take out food from La Loma.  We did a margarita cheers to my sister because graduating nursing school is a big deal and we couldn’t leave it at a Zoom call only!  My mom made a batch of virgin margs for me that had pickle juice in it, which must be why it tasted so good 🙂  I even let my mom and sis touch my bump (masks on!), but this bathroom selfie I snapped shows the bump a bit more clearly.

After everyone left, we watched the last two episodes of The Last Dance.  That part about Steve Kerr and his father though 😦  I have now gone from a person who’s only Michael Jordan knowledge came from Space Jam, to liking tweets about “the poison pizza.”  This is who I am now.  I hope you all had a good weekend 🙂

A First Trimester Recap

Before I start this post, I want to say that if you are not in the right head space to read a post about someone else’s pregnancy, please don’t.  Just click out.  Lord knows I wasn’t for an entire year, so I get it.  What I will tell you instead it that when we had been trying for about a year, I had an appointment with my regular doctor for a routine physical and when I told her we might be facing some infertility she told me she’d been through it too and that her best advice was to have a good support system.  I told my mom and my sister and my best friend that week and she was right, so you do the same ♥

We found out the day before Valentine’s Day (the happiest Valentine’s Day ever, to be honest!).  The bad part about having an IUI and doctors watching over the outcome is that you can’t really put off finding out the results.  I took a home pregnancy test and even though Joey and I had promised to wait and look together, I could see that second pink line pop up even as I basically ran out of the bathroom.  To be honest, I had already talked myself out of having any luck on our first try so even though we were both teary-eyed with happiness, the biggest emotion I felt was still disbelief.  The good part about getting pregnant at a fertility clinic is that they monitor you a lot earlier and a lot closer.  Which means I had bloodwork to confirm the pregnancy done that day, plus two days later and an ultrasound at both seven and nine weeks, where we got to both see and hear the baby.  All of those appointments are so nerve-wracking but also so truly amazing and magical ♥


We told all our parents and siblings on Valentine’s Day — you can only stall so long when they know the exact day that you’ll find out the results — and yes, both mothers were all tears 🙂  Also, we got to tell Hannah and Josh about a week after and guys, I can’t make this up, my best friend and I are pregnant together!

I’m out of the woods of the first trimester now, but all in all it wasn’t horrible.  Around Week 7, I started to feel really tired.  Like debilitatingly tired.  I was only in the office for a couple of weeks before things with COVID-19 got scary and I started working from home so I only had to struggle through a few days of desperately needing but not being able to take a nap at my desk, but from then until what feels like three weeks ago, Joey was doing EVERYTHING for us.  I didn’t help cook, I didn’t help clean the house, I didn’t wash a single dish and I went to bed at 8 PM.  My guilt was at an all time high, but gosh I’m so thankful for him!  There were only a couple of times where I was actually sick but I had food aversion to so many things and they changed on a daily basis.  Oh and I completely stopped working out.  You hear about those people who stay active through their entire pregnancy but um, that was not me.

Joey continues to make me pose for a weekly photo and now that I’m starting to have something to show, it’s okay but during the first trimester, when I was tired and would have to change out of my pajamas, I basically acted like it was the worst thing to ever happen to me.  Never not dramatic, this one 😛  Okay, I think that’s about all I have to report.  I’m feeling much more myself in this second trimester, so that should be a more fun post 🙂