Memorial Weekend Things

I have fuzzy memories of Joey and I listing off the wonderful things that happened over the course of Memorial Day Weekend 2018 before immediately falling asleep last night and whoa, that list was long!  Friday night Rockies game, Saturday run followed by double yogurt bowls on the front porch, Becca’s bridal shower, seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story and Avengers: Infinity War on a perfect night at the drive in, being served a crispy buttermilk waffle on Sunday morning, summer color pedis with my mom and sister, Detroit-style pizza, running our NINTH Bolder Boulder and having my mom, dad and mother-in-law there at the finish, BBQing with family and being so exhausted that I accidentally fell asleep only something like 5 times 😛

Told you the list was long!


Dipped out of work a bit early on Friday and had backyard lounge time before watching the Rockies beat the Reds with beers in hand.  That picture of Joey using his hat to shade Andi is actually my favorite thing ♥


We got up and ran Saturday morning and it was already HOT, but there was iced coffee waiting for us back home and we ate breakfast on the porch with our doggy and it made me feel really happy about summer being here!  I spent the afternoon at Becca’s bridal shower and I cannot believe she and Bobby’s wedding is so close.  I could not be more excited!  Saturday night plans included picking up Illegal Pete’s and heading to the Denver Mart Drive In for opening weekend and to say I’d been looking forward to it would be a MAJOR understatement!

The weather was PERFECT, my burrito was delicious and we really liked Solo!  The sun hadn’t quite gone down when it started so we had a hard time seeing the first bit of the movie (BOO!) but Alden Ehrenreich was perfectly smug-charming, Lando had a closet of capes and I thought the whole thing was just really fun.  Not as sold on Infinity War.  It was already after 11 PM when it started, so we maybe closed our eyes a few times but it also seemed really Thanos heavy and the ending was confusing/weird.  Did really enjoy the Thor/Star-Lord stuff though!  Guys, it was 2:30 AM when we got home, which is a million hours past my bedtime.


When I got up on Sunday morning, Joey was in the kitchen making us waffles!  The best!  I ran to get coffee and when I got back, I was presented with a perfectly crispy buttermilk waffle and all the fixings ready to go ♥♥♥  We ate them on the porch swing and it was truly glorious.  Afterwards, we cleaned our house in preparation for our Memorial Day BBQ and even though I dread cleaning our house, it wasn’t so bad and happened really quickly.  Andi and Curtis Cow supervised from their thrones.

That afternoon, my mom and sister came over and we walked to Base Coat for pedis x3.  My mom almost got a purplish gray color but switched at the last minutes so we all ended up with fun summer colors.  I tried to convince them to stay in Denver and go to dinner with Joey and I but something about not wanting to abandon their significant others so we went to Blue Pan Pizza by ourselves and maybe it was all for the best because we were able to snag a two person table right away.  Saw a cute planter thing on the side of some hipster home on our way in too!  We walked Andi when we got home and I am already LOVING warm summer nights where the sun stays out late enough to walk him after dinner.  Then we watched Get Over It because it’s still our favorite. 


It only took nine years, but we’ve finally perfected our Bolder Boulder morning plan so waking up, getting out the door, parking and making it to our wave (with time to spare even!) went so smoothly.  Some years I don’t care about my time, which immediately inspires me to care abut it the next year so I really wanted to finish under 60 minutes this year and I’m happy to report that we did so!  58:33 and it felt EASY!  My mom, dad and Lori (her first time at the BB!) were there to cheer us to the finish and can you even handle that sign my mom made?!  I cannot!  We hung out in the stadium for a bit to watch some other racers (including the Marine Corp, two butterflies and a butterfly catcher, a dad carrying his son and a man in a wheelchair) finish before heading out.

Back at home, we rested on the couch for maybe too long then sort of scrambled to get everything ready before our family turned up for the BBQ.  We grilled an assortment of brats, I made maple baked beans, Joey made German potato salad, my mom brought cocktails and the most pasta salad, Wayne made the best guac and Lori supplied us all with Cherries in the Snow for dessert.  I maybe ate a big piece then felt majorly full for the rest of the night 😛  It rain-hailed later on, but seeing my niece, nephew, brother and sister-in-law was still the best.  Oh and Lori brought us the most vibrant peonies from her yard and my sister got me thee cutest orchid that I’m determined not to kill.

Memorial Day Weekend always leaves me feeling exhausted but in the best possible way and this year was no exception ♥  Now, let it be summer!

Weekend Things

I really really wanted to start this post out on a happy note with something like “ROCKIES MADE IT TO THE POSTSEASON!  HANNAH HAD A BABY SHOWER!  I RAN A 15K!”  But then I woke up this morning to news of the Las Vegas shooting, the death of 50+ people, the injury of hundreds more and now I don’t know what tone this post is supposed to have.

It is genuinely confusing when, within the confines of your own small life, things are good and happy, but in the world at large, things aren’t going so well.  Or are just plain atrocious.  I don’t know what to do, but for now, may I offer you my weekend?


When you get to put on your new Nolan shirt before work on Friday, then it’s going to be a good day.  This image is from the Father’s Day walk-off home run for the cycle when Nolan was all pumped and maybe bleeding from the eye and someone had the epic idea of making it into a shirt.  Joey surprised me with it and I was SO HAPPY.


Packet pick-up after work and though I was actually trying to snap a picture of the junk treats they give out after the race, the highlight ended up being Joey’s face as he walked away from the chocolate fondue sample table.


Joey was all “let’s eat leftovers before the game,” and I said “how bout not!”  Cut to us waiting outside Fish N Beer for 20 minutes till they opened.  We sat at the bar and the staff was SO FUN.  They all seemed so happy to be there and it was pretty infectious.  We hit that happy hour menu hard by ordering beers, shrimp po boy sliders (where are the pickles, though??), fish & chips that Joey LOVED and buffalo blowfish tails that were so good we got a second order!  I need to be at this place way more often.


ROCKIES WIN!  It is a lot of fun when you beat the Dodgers 9-1 and witness four home runs.  Nolan hit one in the first inning and I was the only one in the women’s bathroom clapping.  It was kind of cold, but we didn’t even mind because this game was just that much fun!


When we got home, I opened the package that contained this book for Hannah’s baby shower the next day and TRUE STORY: As we flipped through it, A LITERAL BUTTERFLY FLEW OUT!!!!  Okay, so maybe it didn’t come from inside the book, but it suddenly appeared and considering it was fully dark outside and I don’t think butterflies are out and about at night, I’m going to believe it magically came from the book.  HOW WEIRD IS THAT?!


The shower was so fun!  I cannot believe we (I guess I’m saying “we” like I’m included in this :P) are a mere eight weeks away when it feels like just last week she told me she was pregnant!  Hannah has a bunch of teensy baby clothes all hung up and ready to go in the baby’s room and I was supposed to be giving my mom and sister a tour of the house but we ended up just looking at all the cute outfits for 15 minutes.  ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥  My heart is already exploding!


After the shower, we headed to Baby JJ’s first birthday party and I liked how he slept next to the pile of presents for most of the party.  I wonder if it would be acceptable for me to nap at parties too?  They woke him up when it was cake time and I thought that mini cake was too cute!  Naps and cutesy cakes?  I think babies might have it made!


You guys, when the Rockies made it to the World Series in 2007 and the playoffs in 2009, I was still VERY new to baseball.  I was happy and excited but I did not fully comprehend the gravity of the situation and I wasn’t fully aware of all the moments that led up to those big events.  Ten years later, I am much more aware and I’m not taking any of this excitement for granted!  We’re playing that Wild Card game on Wednesday and when I think about it, I feel a very real mix of excitement and terror.

P.S. I think I could watch footage of the champagne locker room celebration for hours and hours.  It made me so happy!


Rockies excitement aside, I actually slept pretty well (maybe I was worn out from running laps around our kitchen and cheering?) and felt rested and ready for our race Sunday morning.  We even got there early and walked around for a bit before heading into our corral and taking off.  Very happy to report that the race went swimmingly!  The miles kept going by so quickly and it was a beautiful fall morning in Denver.

They were handing out “sweet treats” periodically, so Joey was in his happy place eating gummy bears and M&Ms as we ran.  What a goof!  Post-run, we posed with this marshmallow gal then Ubered to get coffee and walked home.  Where I basically parked it on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.  We did pick ourselves up to eat lasagna dinner for Adam’s birthday though.

So now it’s Monday and sad messed up things are happening and my heart is with Las Vegas and each and every one of you because we’re all humans navigating this confusing world.