Wednesday Breakfast Date

In the interest of full disclosure, Wednesday Breakfast Dates don’t always mean we go out for breakfast.  Because sometimes we just wake up a little bit earlier and enjoy a side by side breakfast in the comfort of our own kitchen.  Actually, I always do that, so I guess I mean sometimes Joey wakes up a little bit earlier and joins me.  And sometimes, we do that breakfast together at home thing then take ourselves down the street for coffee and a moment of quiet togetherness before any work busy-ness (not to be confused with business) begins.

Which is what we did today!

IMG_7219I’m currently going through an “egg thing” and it mostly revolves around this recipe.  Except, BA’s picture is much better than mine because I cannot for the life of me photograph those caramelized onions.  But despite the fact that they look entirely unappetizing, they are the key to the amazingness of this breakfast.  Well that and GOAT CHEEEEESE.

Post egg-deliciousness, we sat at a cement slab table at our favorite coffee shop and watched the snow — which wasn’t supposed to start until later this afternoon — blow sideways on the other side of the giant glass window.  Oh and we talked about how we’re going to order our countertops today and I’m mega excited about it!

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday Breakfast Date

Welcome to the Wednesday Breakfast Dates series!  Maybe…

Okay, it’s totally going to be a new series, but don’t expect it every single Wednesday, because as much as I’d love for everything to be planned out and written in stone (could I possibly be any more Type A?), that’s just not how life works.

I think it was two days into our honeymoon, when Joey and I still hadn’t adjusted to the time change and were doing this thing where we routinely woke up at 4 AM and were wide awake so we did things like eat Spanish chocolate in bed, that I decided that “Wednesday Breakfast Dates” were going to be a thing when we got back home and back to “real life.”  You know, as a mid-week treat to ourselves and a consolation prize for having to go back to work and not eat chocolate in bed at 4 AM.  Also, please tell me what kind of person is two days into their two-and-a-half-week-long honeymoon and already planning things for when they get home?  Send help.


So now that the holidays are over and life feels pretty calm, we’re back to our mid-week treat.  This week we hit up Black Eye Coffee for an almond milk latte, bottomless coffee, stone fruit oatmeal in a mason jar and a breakfast sandwich made in house (as all of their pastries and plated meals are).  I love the vibe of that place in the early morning.  And even though I unscrewed the lid of my oatmeal and it landed perfectly in my latte (we’re talking fully submerged) and their wobbly tables led to some spillage later on, it was the perfect start to a snowy Colorado morning.