Weekend Things: “It’s the holidays!”

Friday night, while ordering himself a 28 oz. margarita, my dad announced “It’s the holidays!” and I, for one, am so on board with that mentality!  Which means indulging in all the holiday activities, from family dinners, to buying reindeer cookie supplies on the internet, to Thanksgiving grocery shopping.  All of which I did this weekend.


The six of us met at La Loma for dinner Friday night and with the snow falling outside and everyone inside sipping giant margaritas in cozy sweaters, the restaurant felt full of holiday cheer.  Mom and I obviously got distracted by this tortilla conveyor belt on our way out.


Saturday started with oatmeal for two.  Pretty sure it’s been years since I’ve made Joey oatmeal and really, I think he only agreed to it because we were out of everything else.  Eaten while watching the Thanksgiving episode of The Kitchen.  This is all it takes to make me happy.


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