Weekend Things: “It’s the holidays!”

Friday night, while ordering himself a 28 oz. margarita, my dad announced “It’s the holidays!” and I, for one, am so on board with that mentality!  Which means indulging in all the holiday activities, from family dinners, to buying reindeer cookie supplies on the internet, to Thanksgiving grocery shopping.  All of which I did this weekend.


The six of us met at La Loma for dinner Friday night and with the snow falling outside and everyone inside sipping giant margaritas in cozy sweaters, the restaurant felt full of holiday cheer.  Mom and I obviously got distracted by this tortilla conveyor belt on our way out.


Saturday started with oatmeal for two.  Pretty sure it’s been years since I’ve made Joey oatmeal and really, I think he only agreed to it because we were out of everything else.  Eaten while watching the Thanksgiving episode of The Kitchen.  This is all it takes to make me happy.


We planned on putting up gutters (so exciting, I know…) on Saturday, but somehow that turned into cleaning up leaves and tree branches around our garage.  I was so not into it until I realized sweeping leaves is just the outdoor version of my favorite indoor cleaning activity of sweeping the kitchen.  Help me, I’m weird.

Four bags of leaves, one trip to Ace, one trip to Home Depot and 45 minutes of at home yoga later, we cleaned up and took ourselves to Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company.  There were twinkle lights galore and I’m just gonna say it… it felt like Christmas in there!  Plus my beer was delicious.  We approve!


Back at home, we cooked ourselves dinner with Hairspray playing in the background.  I only kind of knew all the words to the songs and maybe saw it in the theater opening night, circa 2007.  Meanwhile, Joey worked on the newest addition to our chalk wall: a turkey, obviously!  Oh and then we watched A) This is Where I Leave You (loved!) B) Broken Flowers (did NOT love!) and C) SNL (Adele for president!).


Sunday started like THIS ♥♥♥

Can I get an amen for coffee shops that do it all.  Beautiful décor, perfectly frothed almond milk lattes, a drool-worthy pastry case, craft cocktails and an actual food menu, with things like chicken and biscuits, that rank pretty high on the list of best things I’ve ever eaten.  AMEN.

The rest of the day included perfect running weather, Thanksgiving groceries, roasting all the veggies, dinner and the AMAs.  You guys, it’s official, I don’t think I need to watch that award show ever again.  Just say no to Nicki Minaj.


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