Opening Day Weekend Things

Wait, can you put “day” and “weekend” next to each other or is that a total contradiction?  Nevermind.  All those in favor of switching to three day weekends permanently, say aye.  AYE AYE AYE.  Friday was the Rockies Home Opener (Joey said we weren’t allowed to call it “Opening Day” since they’d played a series on the road already but I say whatever to that) and this year, we decided to just take the whole day off.  You know, so we could start drinking beer at 9:30 AM…


This new brewery in our neighborhood opened at 9 AM for the occasion and Joey had been excited to go for at least two full weeks.  Beer isn’t usually my breakfast of choice, but I figured it’s okay to get caught up in the excitement once in a while.  For the record, the six of us were the ONLY people there up until we left for the game at 11:30.


Obligatory (and much anticipated by me) lunch at Biker Jim’s before the game.  It was busy as usual, but that place is such a well-oiled machine on game days that things always go quickly.  I got an Elk Jalapeno Cheddar dog then smothered it in ALL THE TOPPINGS.  Because hot dogs are really just vehicles for toppings, right?  At least BJ’s has really delicious vehicles.



That cloud of balloons never gets old.  Plus new jerseys for a new season!


We won!  Which always makes Opening Day (yeah, I’ll call it that if I want, Joey!) more fun.  It was so hot right at the beginning of the game, then the clouds came out and provided some lovely shade.  I’m always so worried about having good weather on Opening Day but I swear we always luck out!


Joey went gambling with the guys after the game and didn’t get home till 2 AM, so Saturday was blissfully lazy.  I think we watched a lot of TV?  Story of our lives.  But around 6 PM, Bobby and Becca came over for some BBQ action.  We made our favorite green chili chicken burgers, a Greek veggie salad, roasted asparagus and margaritas.  Oh and chips, which Joey and I nonchalantly finished off after our friends left.


After all the tequila was gone (I swear we only had a little left at the beginning of the night!), Joey pulled out the whiskey and took a stab at Old Fashioneds.  (<— Is that how you make that plural??)  I thought they were effing gross strong, but hey, those twists of orange look pretty good, don’t they??  Oh and we broke out the fire pit for the first time this season, yay!


Sunday started with whole wheat pancakes!  I love when we have buttermilk on hand.  It just makes pancakes way better!  Pretty sure it scared Joey when I described these at whole wheat, flax and oatmeal flour pancakes but I swear they contained normal pancake things like sugar and butter too!  Plus I kinda loved the texture the flax added.  Oh and after breakfast, we kegged our newest beer, which measured out at 10.5% ABV!  We think we might have botched the recipe, but fingers crossed that it just magically turns out good.



Afternoon game means we broke out our bikes and peddled over.  It was windy as hell, but that ride is so pleasantly easy and quick that the wind wasn’t a big deal.  The game itself was straight up hot and straight up depressing because our closer blew a two-run lead and gave up a two-run homerun to lose the game.  Wah, wah.  In other news, halfway through the game Joey said I was unusually quiet to which I responded that I’m really trying to focus this year! 🙂


Closed out the night with a Sunday Salad™ (ha ha, couldn’t pass up that TM opportunity!) — after trying to make a quiche and realizing it was going to take an hour and a half to bake and that we were out of eggs — and Mad Men.  In conclusion, after Joey’s birthday, Easter and Opening Day, I’m feeling like I don’t need to go out to eat or drink alcohol for like two weeks.  Or at least two days 😛

Low Key Weekend Things

Happy Monday, you all.  I hope you had a pleasant weekend.  Mine was pretty low key.  I bet you didn’t see that coming judging from title of the post, right?  On Friday, as we drove home from work, I commented that I was pretty sure my throat wasn’t really sore, it was just really dry.  Then I woke up on Saturday with a definite sore throat and about zero energy.  Hence the low key-ness around here.


Remember this place??  Even though they were out of both movies we wanted to rent (Anna Karenina and Argo) it was such a trip to be inside a Blockbuster for the first time in years.  It brought back fond memories of trips there with my family when I was younger.  We were there a lot.  We ended up buying Anna Karenina on pay-per-view and I managed to stay awake through 3/4 of it.  I’m a fricken party, people!


Beer brewing took up a majority of the day on Saturday.  We did manage to take a nice walk outside in the 60-degree weather.  There was so much snow last weekend and this weekend was perfectly beautiful.  That’s Colorado for you.


Our beer currently looks like this.  It’s a Hefeweizen, which I’m a big fan of so I’m crossing my fingers that it turns out good.  We may or may not have almost forgot to add the malt extract, which is, you know, pretty important in the beer-making process.


I wanted to go to the free Saturday yoga class, but my lack of energy made me skip yoga for the Great Gatsby (I want to read it before the movie comes out!) and a green smoothie.  Then I took the most awesome nap.  I felt a million times better afterwards.  Naps are the best.  Weekend movie #2 was Adaptation.  How crazy is that movie?!  Fun Fact: the main character’s identical twin brother is the only fictional person to be nominated for an Oscar.


Sunday involved outdoor running, a trip to the mall –I took my sunglasses to be adjusted and it literally took them 30 minutes to get them “just right” — and new candle purchases.  Spring scents are out and that plus the warm weather this weekend has me totally craving spring.  It’s just around the corner, right?


I also did some healthy food prep for the workweek.  There’s chopped veggies galore, homemade hummus, hardboiled eggs and Baked Oatmeal Snack Bars all packaged up and ready to go!  I find chopping and baking extremely cathartic and if I had the time and motivation to do something like this every weekend, I totally would.  After all that healthy-ness, it was time for burgers.


Look, Joey and I already broke our “no eating out” rule only 3 days into the challenge.  To be fair, we planned on letting the rule slide for this special occasion.  Since my parents couldn’t make it to my nephew’s birthday party last weekend, they took us all out to Red Robin for burgers, bottomless fries, balloons that kept ending up on the ceiling and presents.  I multi-tasked with a baby in one hand and a burger in the other.

Here’s to as fast week — I’m headed to Arizona on Friday!


Are you a beer drinker?  What’s your favorite kind?

Are you a napper?

Are you as excited for spring as I am?