Wednesday Breakfast Date

Good morning!  I’m soaring on a caffeine cloud, weeeeee!

And in case you don’t know what a “caffeine cloud” is, it’s that place where you woke up tired, then had an almond milk latte and end up having conversations about “doily buildings” and choreographing a car dance to “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby” with your husband.  It’s fun up here!


I have a feeling I just lost 90% of my readership, but all caffeine craziness aside, breakfast this morning was at Black Eye Coffee Shop and can I just tell you how much I appreciate a coffee shop that not only makes amazing almond milk lattes but is also busting out their own food?  There is a serious baking/cooking situation going on in their kitchen.  It’s kind of incredible.  I ordered a veggie breakfast sandwich this morning and it was so crazy good.  Thank you, Black Eye, for having the common sense to season each and every ingredient on that plate.  Gah.


I bought this on a whim last week because it was, as Joey says, “so me.”  List makers of the world unite!


We went to my parents’ last night for a little St. Paddy’s Day dinner of corned beef and cabbage.  Because when your grandpa flies an Irish flag in his front yard and your mom grew up in the Irish Channel, you can’t let an Irish holiday go uncelebrated.  P.S. There were green velvet cupcakes for dessert.


I just used a SEVEN YEAR OLD GIFT CARD to buy these earrings last week.  And now I am trying to come up with a viable explanation for having a seven year old gift card, but they all sound stupid, so I’ll just say don’t ask.

we were liars

Remember when I was bad-mouthing this book because it came from the Young Adult section and because that’s a quote by John Green (author of that horrible book I couldn’t even make it 10 pages into) at the top?  Yeah, I ended up loving it.  Like finished it last night and kinda want to read it again.  Like wouldn’t stop repeating the twist to Joey all day yesterday.  I’ve never been so blindsided by a book EVER.  But maybe I should save this topic for another post?



P.S. A “doily building” is obviously a building that has way too much decorative siding on it and comes off looking like a giant doily.  Joey and I like to pretend the people who live there don’t have apartment numbers, but doily numbers.  As in “555 Main Street, Doily #4.”  And there goes the other 10% of my readership.

Valentine’s Weekend Things


A day of awesome surprises!  Our field superintendent left a bouquet of roses in each of the girls’ offices at work.  How sweet is that?  Followed by the discovery of a King Cake from Emily on my porch when I got home from work.  I literally screamed when I saw the box.  Do I have the best cousin ever, or what?  Then I found a Valentine’s Day card from my mom in the mail and my heart burst from too many displays of affection in one day.

1 3 4

Oh and Jen WON THE JEOPARDY TOURNAMENT.  I mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is so crazy cool!  I, on the other hand, just kept calling out wrong answer after wrong answer, so I think it’s safe to say I’ll never be on Jeopardy.


Valentine’s Day!

I woke up to find this embarrassingly large display of balloons in our kitchen.  I have no idea where Joey was hiding these, considering our house is like 800 square feet, but he is seriously the best.  He also gave me a new Rockies jersey and the most perfect card.  After card exchanging and present swapping (I got him a coffee grinder), we made ourselves a festive breakfast of red heart shaped pancakes.  Fact: Heart shaped food is 10x more fun than regular shaped food.




Later, we took ourselves outside for a run that ended at our coffee shop where the windows were wide open and the sunshine was streaming in.  Going on a run means I didn’t have my phone with me and it was kind of nice to feel completely unplugged and just share coffee and conversation with my favorite person.  Except when I saw a little heart sticker on the ground during our walk home and I wanted to Instagram that so bad.

After cleaning ourselves up, we went to see the Oscar-nominated live action short films and the experience was… weird.  It was us and mostly… ahem, older people there and everyone else was laughing at EVERYTHING.  Joey and I felt like we’d missed the memo because nothing seemed very funny.  It was kind of distracting and we left feeling pretty confused.


We Ubered to and from downtown Denver for dinner at Panzano and while our actual entrées were kind of a let down, the strong cocktails, awesome service, cool atmosphere and mussel appetizer is making me forget about any entrée disappointment and say it was overall a great experience.  Oh and we ordered a fig cake dessert even though I was already painfully full and then because I hate myself, I decided we should order espresso (“like we did in Europe!”) with dessert.  Yeah, because I totally hadn’t already had enough caffeine already that day.



Cut to me not sleeping that night.  Like really, I think I got maybe three hours?  Instead, I pinned pictures of gallery walls and made a “To Do” list for Sunday.  If I didn’t think it would’ve woken Joey up, I probably would’ve started on that list right then.  Please remind me not to do that with caffeine ever again.


Before tackling “the list” on Sunday, we had breakfast with my family — gosh, I love our local breakfast joint so much! — and my mom totally spoiled me (per usual) with Valentine’s gifts.  She got me little heart straws and fancy salt in the cutest jars!  Why is she so perfect?!  We spent the rest of the day being entirely too productive.  I touched up some paint that’s needed fixing for SO LONG, painted another chalk wall in our laundry room, cooked red beans and rice (Mardi Gras is tomorrow!), shined all my silver jewelry, made dinner and watched five episodes of FNL while Joey tackled our guest bedroom.  It looks AWESOME in there!  I love when he’s on board with my house reno plans 🙂



14Best part of all our Sunday productivity?  We were done and cleaned up by 7 PM, just in time to watch the SNL 40th Anniversary Special, along with everyone else in America.  What can I say, guys?  It was so perfect.  Though the show has definitely had its ups and downs, it was so entirely awesome to see all the SNL greats together to honor a show that’s been a part of all of our lives for so long.  Also, Fallon and Sanz 2016!

And now I am in total denial that the weekend is over.  More please!