Sunshine & Weekend Things

Literally, as I wrote that post title, the sun disappeared behind a giant cloud.

I’m sorry if you live anywhere on the East Coast (North or South), but aside from the aforementioned cloud, we’ve got sunshine and 65 degree weather here in Colorado.  I planned to take full advantage by going on a outdoor run, but I came down with a cold (that’s #2 of the year for those of you keeping track), so I’m taking advantage by writing this post out on the back patio.

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Day?  I kicked mine off early by sneaking into my parents’ office with my sister on Thursday night and putting balloons, flowers, chocolate and a card in my mom’s office.  Word on the street is that she was totally surprised and we made her cry.


Joey and I celebrated by having an early dinner at a new-to-us restaurant called Humboldt where I learned that Merlot can also be white and that while fried broccoli drizzled in a cheese sauce might defeat the purpose of broccoli, it is also 100% worth it.  In all seriousness, I was blown away by the service, ambiance and food!


Afterwards, we headed to the movie theater, watched 40 minutes of Her then evacuated when the fire alarms started going off.  We ended up waiting outside for half an hour while the fire department checked everything out then got to watch the rest of the movie, which I loved.  It was realistically futuristic, funny, sweet, sad and thought provoking all at once.


Guess what we did on Saturday morning!  Cake Tasting #3.  Last one, I promise.  This one was in Park Hill, a Denver neighborhood I’d never really been to but thought was so cute!  Definitely a family-friendly type of place.  And the bakery was packed!  We took that as a good sign, but after tasting the cake, we decided it wasn’t our favorite.  Then I pawned all this off on my mom 😛


Later that afternoon, we headed into Boulder for the Boulder International Film Fest, or as I like to call it, “BIFF.”  I definitely did not expect to have to wait in a giant line outside the Boulder Theater but it turned out that we did.  We saw The Face of Life, which is about a woman who starts a relationship with a man who is identical to her deceased husband.  I liked it but I think (after only two years of attending) I’m over BIFF.  I could watch a non-mainstream movie at home and I wouldn’t be in the second to last row of a crowded theater that I paid $13 to get into.


By this time Cold #2 had me feeling pretty wiped out, so I was in bed by 5 PM and basically didn’t get back up for the rest of the night.  We tried to catch up on the Olympics (oh my god Jeremy Abbott!) and watched one of the documentaries that’s up for an Oscar this year.  And then I ate like 3 meals in bed.  Because the age old adage of “Feed a cold, starve a fever” is the only good thing about being sick, right?


Today started with me feeling like crap (morning and nights with a cold are the worst!), but I felt better once I got up, showered and ate breakfast.  I even rallied and opted to walk instead of drive over to a coffee shop to do some Save the Date addressing.  Although, I made us leave once I’d reached shaky hand levels of caffeination, which was making it difficult to write.


Once we got home, we dined alfresco for lunch then hung out with this cat, which I think belongs to our next door neighbor.  Fact: I am a total cat person.  Fact: Joey is allergic and therefore hates cats.  I spent most of lunch trying to convince Joey that it’s eyes were normal cat eyes, it wasn’t going to attack him and the sound it was making was purring, not hissing.


So now that I’m finishing up this post, the sun is finally setting, so I’m moving… to my bed — I swear I’d be sitting on the couch if it wasn’t still in the middle of our kitchen, up against a super dusty plastic divider — and taking it easy, while Joey continues his rampage of productivity.  True Story: He doesn’t handle caffeine well and can’t seem to sit still.  I’m fine with it because it means our yard is raked, the laundry is done and he just headed out to the grocery(?!?!).

Happy Sunday!

An Oddly Relaxed Weekend

So if you know me in real life, you can vouch that “relaxed” is not really a word you’d use to describe me.  More like “stressed” or “uptight” or “unable to cope with a change in plans.”  I swear, the older I get, the less and less I understand the saying “go with the flow,” but as I’m obviously aware of it, I’m doing my best to be more flexible.  Case in point: last night’s dinner.


I slaved away at this beautiful quiche, put it in the oven for an hour… and forgot to turn the oven on.  DOH!  I was really looking forward to eating it and I was really disappointed but instead of throwing the quiche across the room, I just pulled out some leftovers.  Oh well!


Post-work on Friday, we picked up our Save the Dates!  They were $40 more than we thought they’d be (thanks, hidden fees!), but we’re too happy with how they came out to be mad about it.  Now for that whole addressing them part…


See this plate of fettuccine?  This is the last time I ever attempt to make an alfredo.  I’m cursed and it always comes out thick and gloopy.  I wasn’t at all impressed with this dinner but I tossed some salt and pepper on it and decided it suddenly didn’t taste half bad.  Or maybe that had something to do with the wine?  We also spent the entire night watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony.  What did you guys think?  I thought the projector screens were incredible and the War and Peace and Swan Lake parts made me so happy.  Plus, how cool are those colorful Russian buildings?


So cake usually isn’t what I consider a nutritionally dense breakfast, but sometimes you have a cake tasting scheduled at 10 AM and sometimes you just roll with it and decide you’ll make up for it by eating a salad later.  We had our second cake tasting at a bakery in Lafayette and brought both moms this time around.  We still have one more to do next weekend (holy cake tastings, right?), but I can already tell it’s going to be a hard decision.  We saw these on our way out and thought they were hilarious.


Like I said, I’ll make up for it later with salad.  But does a blue cheese and buttermilk dressing-covered salad still count as a salad?  Answer: yes.  We tried out a new (to us) restaurant in the Highlands and managed to nab a front row parking spot (seriously lucky!) and a table inside the tiny eatery, which is called Bang! for anyone wondering.  I thought this salad was just okay but the place was cute enough for me to go back again.


Then I was somehow relaxed enough to volunteer to help with drywalling.  This is the 123984984th time we’ve made a giant mess of our living room.  Our couch is parked in the middle of our kitchen, every inch of the living room is covered in dust from sanding and by the end of Saturday Joey and I were covered in drywall (I swear it’s in my eyes permanently), but as messy as it was, I didn’t mind helping.  It means we’re a step closer to being able to clean up all the dust for good!  We also saw yet another band that night and guess what?  We’re booking them!  This is major success.


Sunday’s breakfast was the polar opposite of Saturday’s.  Nutritional powerhouse!  I crushed this meal then headed to the gym for a quick workout, which makes me feel better about how I literally sat on my butt for the rest of the day.  The Olympics made me do it!  Who else thought Sage Kotsenburg’s reaction to the score for his gold-medal winning performance was great?  More of him, please!


The rest of Sunday involved camping out at a little coffee shop on Tennyson Street called Downpours.  They have house-made almond milk, chai and flavored syrups, which is awesome, but they also have a total of like 5 tables.  We were lucky enough to score couch seats within a few minutes of being there but things were looking grim for a minute there.  Anyways, we were busy crafting our wedding website.  I did not want one but I eventually lost that battle 🙂  We’re almost done so I feel like it was a productive day.

Besides that whole dinner mishap, Sunday night was all about the Beatles tribute show.  I LOVED IT!!!!!!  Despite Ed Sheeran’s terrible hair, his rendition of “In My Life” almost made me cry.  Despite John Mayer’s pants, his rendition of “Don’t Let Me Down” with Keith Urban was pure perfection.  And despite all the performances by incredibly talented musicians, my favorite was by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.  My heart was so happy through the whole thing.


Did you watch the Beatles tribute?

Are you paying attention to the Winter Olympics?

Wedding website: yay or nay?