Weekend Things & My 29th Birthday

Today is my actual birthday but it’s felt like my birthday since last Thursday because since then, I’ve gotten a new car (!), had dinner at Linger (!), enjoyed a backyard movie night (!) and picnicked at City Park Jazz (!).  And all big exciting happenings aside, there’s also been like a million smaller things that have just made me feel extremely happy.  The end of 28 was simply amazing, so here’s to an equally lovely start to 29!


Hi, here’s me looking like my happiest self because I’m now in possession of a brand new Subaru Crosstrek!  Mainly I’m excited about the touchscreen audio system, the backup camera, the all-wheel drive, the seat warmers, the moon roof, the new car smell.  So basically everything 🙂  I’m also the last person in the family to drive a Subaru, so it’s been a long time coming!


Friday night, we headed to Linger for a birthday dinner.  I only made the reservation like 3 months ago, don’t worry about it.  Debated going to El Five again but the dinner menu at Linger looked so good (an entire bao bun section, guys!) and of all the Edible Beats restaurants, it just has the most special place in my heart.

Sort of wished our food hadn’t come out so fast because we were in and out in less than an hour and it made me feel like the whole experience was rushed but NO COMPLAINTS about the food because that India Cone Salad was an incredible compilation of flavors/textures (and most importantly, it involved HALOUMI CHEESE ♥), the two buns were unique and delicious and I made a last minute decision to order the (unpictured) lamb kabobs instead of the pork because: LAMB.


Let me tell you about Saturday, because it was a perfect day.  We woke up, had breakfast and some ease-into-the-morning time, then hopped on our bikes and made our way to the Farmers’ Market.  Not going to lie, by the time we got there it was A) SO HOT and B) SO CROWDED.  So while my #1 thought was “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” I’m going to focus on the fact that I got out with peaches, shishitos, cherry tomatoes and a mini pie.

We were seriously debating fitting in a trip to the MCA but it has come to my attention that I am what my sister refers to as “an overbooker,” and honestly, it did sound kind of nice to just chill out at home and do mostly nothing, so that’s what we did.  There was lunch in the backyard, lots of reading time, garden gazing, a real leisurely trip to the grocery store, even a nap!  Who am I??  Also, please know our doggy had to have two teeth removed last week and I know we should feel bad for him, but he looks so silly without those two teeth!


We made our fav broccoli tacos for dinner and without that trip to the MCA, I even had plenty of time to make tortillas!  It rained while we were cooking and I was sad because it seemed like any outdoor evening plans were off the table but the storm was in and out and actually made it the perfect temperature for dinner al fresco and backyard movie night.  My heart was so so happy as we settled into the hammock with out pup, popcorn and pillows.  Watched The Usual Suspects and don’t think I didn’t have serious misgivings about watching a Kevin Spacey movie.  Still, the story was good and the end of Scary Movie makes so much more sense now 😛

Perfect night ♥


We got up Sunday for a 5-mile run and it was seriously hot already at 7:30 AM, ugh!  Afterward, Joey went to get us iced coffee and I used the rest of the challah to make more French toast.  We left the bread out over night so it could dry out a bit and it turned out to be our best batch yet!  Some time later, Joey headed outside to do whatever it is he does out there mow the lawn and I stayed inside to make Cobb salads and then I decided we should paint the Little Free Library (!!!!!) my parents gave me for my birthday.  I was like “are these the spontaneous decisions people who haven’t pre-booked every minute of their weekend do?!”  It’s a pretty sky blue now and all it needs is white trim, some stencil work, oh and that putting it into the ground part.


Spent the evening at City Park Jazz and it was perfect!  Well except the brief wind scare when we first got there and the fact that we forgot plates and Joey’s Yeti koozie, but it all still felt perfect to me.  We gave serious consideration to each and every one of those jams/mustards and decided the red pepper jelly, blue cheese herb mustard and wild Main blueberry were the best.  Shared that teensy blueberry-lemon pie for dessert then scooted out so we could be home in time to watch Big Brother and read in bed.

If today is even half as good as this entire weekend was, I’ll call it a monumental success.  And considering I already opened the best presents from Joey and Andi this morning and we have plans to watch The Big Lebowski at Film on the Rocks tonight, I have every reason to believe it will be ♥

Weekend Things: July is here!

I know I could just wait a day and post about our weekend and the actual 4th of July all at once, but what’s the fun in that?


Joey texted me mid-afternoon on Friday (from his office, 5 steps away…) to say he could be persuaded into leaving early for a happy hour drink/snack.  It wasn’t even on my radar but as soon as he brought it up, I was like “HUDSON HILL!”  Been wanting to try that coffee/cocktail bar for weeks so we pretty much had to, ya know?

The Green Hour is the prettiest of pastel greens and even though it’s not on the HH menu, I really needed to order it.  Probably the creamiest drink in all the land!  Plus pickled okra?!  Can’t pass that up.  Joey isn’t into pickled things quite like I am, but he’s gonna come around, I just know it 🙂


Back at home, post-hammock hang and garden admiring — I know it sounds like we do that every day, but it’s just because we do that every day! — we real quick made some Blackened Shrimp Tacos and you know when you make something and you’re like “this is good but I think I know how to make them even better next time”?  Had that moment with these tacos.  All ♥ for taco dinner in our backyard though!

P.S. Spent the rest of the night watching the Rockies and I fell asleep on the couch and didn’t even see them win.  Also, it was the second time I fell asleep on the couch during a Rockies game this week…


Do you even know how excited I get to go to the Farmers’ Market on Saturday?!  Yes, probably you do, but thought I should tell you again.  Biked over and bought… um two mini pies.  And then, because I felt we couldn’t leave without purchasing some actual produce, we snagged some real good-looking snap peas.  Kinda ready for peach/shishito/corn season to be upon us though.

Turned Friday’s taco into Saturday’s salad when we got back home, then had the energy to run a bunch of errands: cheese shop, liquor store, beer supplies, coffee beans.


And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the annual Shakespeare Festival outing!  We loved our picnic from last year so much that we did it all over again!  And honestly, is there anything better than drinking wine and eating cheese with your mom and your sister?  Answer: NO.

As for the play, I need you to know some things about The Taming of the Shrew.  #1: Shakespeare is my homeboy but this play is so freaking sexist!  It’s basically about submitting to your husband.  Only after suffering enough sleep deprivation and starvation though.  How bout no?  I’ve seen this play twice and the actors can do a lot in the way of body language and line delivery to make the plot less offensive but still.  #2: At the end, the entire cast did a dance together and afterwards, both my mom and my sister turned to me (sitting between them) and said “that was my favorite part!”  #3: 10 Things I Hate About You is still better than the original play 🙂


Sunday started with a 5-mile run.  Not all that recommended if you went to bed past midnight the night before, but I lived.  Afterwards, we took ourselves to Thump Coffee for breakfast and I did what millenials do best, pay for the kind of toast I could make at home.  Did some adulting afterwards, aka grocery/lunch prep/house cleaning then shifted into R&R mode with the newest 5280 Magazine and a pedicure.  That color is called “Pixie” and I really love it.

To cap off Sunday, we (and the entirety of Denver) headed to City Park Jazz.  We sat further back then in past years because it was PACKED but it meant we could spread out more, plus we could still hear the live band so it was all good.  Replayed Saturday’s picnic spread + hummus and radishes from our garden.  Should have bought another mini pie for dessert but freezer cookies to the rescue!


And now I’m off to contemplate whether I’m proud or worried that I ate cheese and sausage for dinner two nights in a row and to celebrate the 4th early, with new summer highlights in my hair, hopefully a Rockies win, some Biker Jim’s for dinner and get this, we may even stay for the fireworks tonight!  Wishing you all a happy holiday tomorrow!