Weekend Things

Right now, I am doing my best to get some work done with a whiny dog sitting on my lap.  My mom, my sister and her boyfriend are all headed to New Orleans tomorrow so I’m dog-sitting right now and so far it’s fun in that “but I get to give her back next week” way that grandparents probably feel when they babysit their grandkids.  I’ve always wanted to rent a dog for the week! 🙂

In other news, this weekend felt full in the fun, go-go-go way that summer is all about.  There were things we wanted to do, but didn’t get to and things we didn’t want to do, but had to anyway (hello, food prep at 9:30 on Sunday night) and then all the things we DID wanna do and actually got to and those were obviously the best!



Breakfast on the patio at Stowaway // I got the muesli (that little poached pear, though!) but I was jealous of Joey’s Colorful Colorado.

Family dinner at Leña // We totally planned on going to movie night at Little Man but then my sister wanted to celebrate her last day of school and I was all about that.  Margaritas, tacos, empanadas and yuca bread.  My heart and stomach were so happy.

Ice cream and a neighborhood stroll // Sweet Action Ice Cream was a few shops down from Leña so Joey and I shared a scoop and it was meh.  But the houses we strolled past were the cutest!



Bridal shower games // I don’t know how Lori and I didn’t win with this toilet paper dress but I think it was a great look for Joey’s grandma 🙂

Afternoon cookie baking // It’s actually insane to turn our oven on in the summer, but a freezer empty from cookies calls for desperate measures.

Grocery store trip // I kindly waited for Joey to return from our company picnic so that I could drag him along.  I bought a bunch a mangos?  Who knows!


Park picnic-ing // Our friends DJ and Alyssa had a BBQ/housewarming thang, so Joey and I packed up a bomber and headed out.

I love Jenn! // Even though I had to scold her for getting a 2nd/3rd sunburn when she was in San Diego last week…

Salad dinner back at home // Grilled some corn and ate it with this salad and OMG, it was so good!  Katie Lee is my spirit animal and also the creator of some really amazing recipes.  I can’t wait to make this one again.


Sunday morning run // It was already hot (wahhh) but I don’t even care because running through Denver parks gives my heart such happiness.

GARDENING!!!! // Oh sorry, just a little bit excited.  We finally got our garden boxes finished and filled with dirt, so we bought and planted a bunch of veggies in them on Sunday.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up about anything actually growing (especially since we planted so late!) but it’s hard to not be excited about the possibility of strawberries and kale growing in my own backyard.

Rockies Game // We biked for the first time this year, found seats in the shade AND it was a walk-off win.  I mean what more can you possibly ask for??


Grilled wing dinner // Getting so into (and good at!) grilling this summer!  We made these wings with shishito peppers, mint/basil/cilantro and a lime vinaigrette and they were so so good.

Game of Thrones finale! // Still processing and probably will be for the rest of the week.

Work week food prep // Yeah, not ideal timing (because I totally would’ve rather been watching Big Brother) but we got our salads for the week prepped and that’s all that matters.

Here’s to another perfect summery week and a holiday weekend at the end!

Weekend Things

I’m never sure how to proceed in the wake of tragedy.  On the one hand, it feels wrong to go on with regularly scheduled programming when our nation is grieving.  But then, in a small way, it’s also symbolic of what we have to do in times like these.  GO ON.  Hate is not the answer.  Terror will not destroy us.  Fear will not win.  I choose to believe that there are far more good hearts in this world than there is hatred and senselessness.  And so I’m focusing on the good and this weekend was good.



We tried out a new pizza place for Friday dinner and WHOA.  Cart-Driver can’t be beat in the thin-crust artisan category and Fat Sully’s is a showstopper but Blue Pan, I think you’ve won my overall pizza heart.  I didn’t even know what Detroit-style pizza was before this, but I think it’s safe to say it’s my new favorite.  Would you just look at those crispy edges?!



The rest of the evening was spent at Coors.  Let’s not even talk about how we were up two, with two outs and zero on in the top of the ninth and somehow managed to lose the game.  Instead, let’s talk about how they do this Tooth Trot every game and Joey gets so into cheering on someone dressed as a giant toothbrush.  His maturity astounds me 🙂


Ugh, Saturday was just the best day.  And not because of anything life-changing, but just because it was summer and I ate breakfast (AND LUNCH) in the backyard and got to ride my bike to the Farmers’ Market.  And really, that’s all I need in this life to be happy.  Union Station just started hosting a Farmers’ Market so we rode over to check it out and I was delighted (and sort of surprised) to see how much produce they had!  I’m all for tents selling breakfast and lunch options but let’s not forget that FRESH PRODUCE is actually the point of a Farmers’ Market.



I was seriously only going to allow myself to buy one item (Farmers’ Markets are not always easy on the wallet) but then I saw bunches of the illusive garlic scape, big pink radishes and the most gorgeous heads of MINI lettuce and couldn’t resist.  Then Joey forced me to buy some cherries.  Twist my arm, why dontcha? 🙂  I made a pretty lunch salad with our loot and felt infinite happiness.  Plus it gave me enough energy to brave the grocery store during Rockies game rush hour.



The rest of the day was spent outside (shocking, I know) reading, while Joey built our second garden box.  I’m a bad wife and forgot to take a picture but it turned out SO GOOD and only took him half as long as the first one, so he’s pretty much a pro now.  I can’t wait to get them primed and prepped for actual plants.  We saw all these cute veggie seedlings at the market and it got us so excited to plant some of our own!  While Joey finished up, I headed inside and made us a Rhubarb and Raspberry Crostata for dessert.  Served it up with some ice cream later that night and it was the perfect end to a perfect day.


Sunday started with a walk and breakfast with my parents.  We took them to Bacon and hoped for a good experience since it’s been sort of a mixed bag the past few times we’ve been by ourselves.  It’s not so much the food that’s off, but the service.  Our food seemed to take FOR-EV-ER but luckily, we were all too busy talking to notice it all that much.  We hadn’t seen my parents since we got back from Chicago so we caught them up on our trip and gave them some tips for their trip to San Fran/Oregon later this summer.


Afterwards, I hit up Whole Foods — every time I leave that place, I’m thinking “get me outta here!” — then walked to pick up some more coffee beans for iced coffee and helped Joey prep some salads for the work week.  Got to watch the beginning of the Rockies game before heading off to yoga.  Yoga is good any time of year, but when you get to park on the other side of the bridge and walk over in that summertime sunshine, it just feels that much better.  We learned some new poses and it felt good to try something different, even if I looked like a mess doing it 🙂

Ended the night with more reading on the porch, Game of Thrones and a veggie and garlic scape pesto panzanella!  I’m all for a salad that involves cubes of bread and I only kinda still suck at poaching eggs.  Meanwhile, it’s Monday but I’m still gonna act like it’s the weekend, if you don’t mind.  Sending you all love, happiness and sunshine this week!