Weekend Things

It’s still January??  HOW!  This month always feels soooo long to me, but not really in a bad way.  I mean, four whole weekends in one month is fine by me!  This weekend, we saw two movies, celebrated our little pup’s ninth birthday, had breakfast with Joey’s grandparents, picked up Huni for a two-week puppy play date while my parents are in Mexico (lucky!) and watched Parasite win the top SAG prize, MUCH to our pure delight.  How was your weekend??


And speaking of Parasite, we saw it again on Friday night!  I actually don’t know if I’ve even written about this film yet on the blog?  We saw it on a Tuesday night in November so it would have missed my Weekend Things post.  IT’S AMAZING.  When we saw it the first time, I turned to Joey and said “well that was a perfect movie.”  After watching it a second time, I’m FURTHER convinced of it’s absolute brilliance.  Plus the theater was full!  Parasite Fever!!!


Andi’s Birthday!  We maybe made him a teensy pancake while we were cooking breakfast for ourselves ♥  And then we totally abandoned him 😛


We had tickets to the Monet Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum and even though it was PACKED in there, I really enjoyed it!  The audio guide was pretty interesting and I think I really love Monet’s style.  Seeing his paintings of all those European towns and cities in the 1800s had me imagining just how beautiful they probable were in real life!  Afterward, we grabbed lunch at Leven Deli.  We’d been there in 2018, loved it and just hadn’t found the chance to go back.  Sadly, I was really unimpressed with literally everything we ordered.  Looked way better than it tasted.  Oh well!


Back at home, we had a double movie feature and later on, leftovers for dinner.  We hadn’t seen Moonlight since it came out.  While I think I may have been more charitable to it than Joey the first time around, neither of us truly loved it but wanted to re-watch it and give it another chance.  I was really moved by it and gosh, what a gorgeous looking film!  Joey still had some criticisms of the narrative but he could appreciate its importance as a film.  We also watched Midsommar, which was less scary than it was hollow.  LOVE Florence Pugh, but what is this movie even about??  Felt like random stuff was thrown in and the explanation was just “it’s a crazy cult, why not have a bear??” It felt lazy to me.


Sunday morning, we had breakfast with Lori, Adam and Joey’s grandparents at Snooze — would you look at Lori’s copy of Little Women!!! — then headed over to the movie theater to see 1917!  Guys, I’ll be honest, I felt like nothing I was going to see in this movie was going to be all that important because I’d already seen and thought so much about all of the other Best Picture nominees, but I think I liked it most of anyone in the group?  Visually, it is SO STUNNING!!!  And I thought the story and the acting were all really well done.  It’s certainly not my favorite movie of the year, but I liked it quite a bit.


We picked up Huni at my parents’ afterward and it was only slightly concerning when my mom was telling me where her will is located “just in case.”  Back at home, we made lunch salads and then I headed out to yoga.  It was a tough but great class!  Came home to a Mardi Gras Dachshund from Emily!!!!  So amazing!  Huni seems to have already settled in 😛  We made a black bean plantain enchilada bake for dinner — Joey found perfectly ripe plantains for us, thank god! — and watched the SAG Awards.  I actually thought the show was pretty good.  Eugene and Dan Levy to do the intro??  Yes please!  Plus there were a lot of good speeches (it’s extremely unfair that Brad Pitt is both handsome and funny!), all leading up to Parasite‘s win, which we cheered real hard!  Please have a good week 🙂

Weekend Things: Life is Precious

On Friday afternoon, I got word that someone I graduated high school with had passed away unexpectedly.  This makes the fourth person from my class and every time, no matter how well I did or didn’t know that person, it is heartbreaking.

And every time, I am reminded how precious life is.


Every night out to dinner with loved ones, margaritas and…guac, lots of guac, is precious.

Does that look healthy or what?!

I felt those two margaritas more than I care to admit.

And every Saturday spent with my favorite person is precious.  Every single second.

Even if many of those seconds are spent at a Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum and even if we spent more of those seconds making fun of the people walking around doing the audio tour than we did enjoying any art.

And even if it’s doing this outside when you leave.

I walked under this weird pointy roof for as long I could before walking out into the sleet.  

Every single delicious meal, eaten in a warm cozy spot with good company is so precious to me.

We found this tiny place called Vert not too far from the museum and were so blown away by the food.  Joey got a braised pork shoulder sandwich which he would not stop talking about and I got a aioli, manchego and potato omelette sandwich, which sounds totally crazy but was totally delicious and that asian slaw with roasted peanuts was nothing short of amazing.

We weren’t crazy about this carrot-pumpkin soup, but it sure was pretty.

Every Saturday night spent cuddled up on the couch, watching movies is precious.

Even if the movie is weird or confusing or both.

Every lazy Sunday morning that I wake up with a smile on my face, or a text from my mother or sunshine coming through my bedroom window is so so precious.

Oh and pancakes.  Those are precious too.

My life isn’t super exciting.  I don’t go out all the time or have a million friends.  But what I do have in my life I am so grateful for.  Take a minute to consider how precious your life is today.

Happy Monday!