Weekend Things: Life is Precious

On Friday afternoon, I got word that someone I graduated high school with had passed away unexpectedly.  This makes the fourth person from my class and every time, no matter how well I did or didn’t know that person, it is heartbreaking.

And every time, I am reminded how precious life is.


Every night out to dinner with loved ones, margaritas and…guac, lots of guac, is precious.

Does that look healthy or what?!

I felt those two margaritas more than I care to admit.

And every Saturday spent with my favorite person is precious.  Every single second.

Even if many of those seconds are spent at a Van Gogh exhibit at the Denver Art Museum and even if we spent more of those seconds making fun of the people walking around doing the audio tour than we did enjoying any art.

And even if it’s doing this outside when you leave.

I walked under this weird pointy roof for as long I could before walking out into the sleet.  

Every single delicious meal, eaten in a warm cozy spot with good company is so precious to me.

We found this tiny place called Vert not too far from the museum and were so blown away by the food.  Joey got a braised pork shoulder sandwich which he would not stop talking about and I got a aioli, manchego and potato omelette sandwich, which sounds totally crazy but was totally delicious and that asian slaw with roasted peanuts was nothing short of amazing.

We weren’t crazy about this carrot-pumpkin soup, but it sure was pretty.

Every Saturday night spent cuddled up on the couch, watching movies is precious.

Even if the movie is weird or confusing or both.

Every lazy Sunday morning that I wake up with a smile on my face, or a text from my mother or sunshine coming through my bedroom window is so so precious.

Oh and pancakes.  Those are precious too.

My life isn’t super exciting.  I don’t go out all the time or have a million friends.  But what I do have in my life I am so grateful for.  Take a minute to consider how precious your life is today.

Happy Monday!

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