Best of July

You guys. July, my favoritest of months, is coming to an abrupt end.  And I’m not ready.  Wah wah.  In an attempt to savor the time I have left with my favorite month (and that would be just this one last day), I thought it’d  be fun for me to do a little “Best of July” recap.

Things started off with a bang when the 4th of July, my best friend’s engagement announcement and my birthday all took place within the first 10 days of the month.  Whew!




I’m usually pretty disappointed by the 4th of July, but this year was pretty darn good — must’ve been all the Great Divide Colette I drank… — plus a fun red velvet cake/friend-filled birthday and an upcoming wedding makes me think 24 is going to be a pretty good year.

July was also a good month for trips to Red Rocks.  I managed two trips in one week — back to back, no less! — and had the opportunity to see The Hunger Games and John Mayer is the world’s most beautiful entertainment venue.




I know I should be used to how amazing the giant red rocks that make up the amphitheater are, or the fact that it’s a naturally occurring work of pure beauty, but I’m not.  Also not used to climbing the crazy amount of stairs to get into the amphitheater.  Can we get an escalator up here, please?

Being at the peak of summer, July can sometimes be miserably hot (and wildfire-y…), but this year has been pretty mild, making it perfect for fun weekend adventures.  My favorites being the wedding venue shopping I did with Hannah and Josh, a hike in Boulder and ice cream outings, naturally.




This summer was almost a hiking bust, but we finally got a good one in.  Say what you will about Boulder, but there is no better view than those flatirons or what you can see from the top of those flatirons.  On the wedding venue front, I’m happy to report that a decision was made and I think they picked the perfect spot.  I know it’s not even my wedding, but I even feel a huge sense of relief now that the venue/date have been taken care of.  Celebratory ice cream for all!

I know I should probably enjoy my own birthday more than anyone else’s but I think my mom’s birthday took the [red velvet] cake this year.  Family, movies in the park, sangria, fabulous food and more sangria?  That just can’t be beat.




I can’t think of a person more deserving of multiple birthday celebrations.  I truly hope she had as good of a time as I did, because I know I had a blast.  Now if only the red velvet cake I made for the occasion had been a little prettier…

Of course, there were a bunch of little things that A) didn’t make the blog and B) I can’t remember at this exact moment in time, but here’s one last hurrah for Farmers’ Market trips, weekend pancakes, sunny morning runs, CSA veggie dinners, Rockies games, beer drinking, and lots of laughter. 





I, for one, am pretty excited to see what this next month has to bring.  Especially in terms of the house buying process.  Bring it on, August!