Thanksgiving 2017 Recipe Review

I’ve been posting these little recipe reviews for a few years so I by the time I get to host Thanksgiving — my mom actually texted me this year asking if one day, when we have more space, we can all cook together at my house with the parade on in the background and to that I say YES! — I’ll know which recipes are go-to and which are no-go.  It’s a lifelong process, this Thanksgiving recipe collection thing.

Also, if I was a smart person, I might keep this note to myself in Google Docs, but I’m a blogger so I’m publicly posting it instead.  Don’t try to rationalize it.  


Creamed Greens with Farro

If you’re bringing this for people who might not be super receptive to vegetables, let alone words like “kale,” “chard” or “farro,” feel free to re-brand this as “three cheese casserole.”  I went home with all the leftovers so I’m not sure that re-branding worked but I guess that just means more for me and I thought this was really good!  Except for the stemming/chopping of the greens (which you can totally do the weekend before), it comes together very fast, perfect for morning-of cooking.


Sweet Potato Casserole

I made this last year and thought it was a tad sweet (even though I had already scaled back the sugar!) so I went with a 1/4 cup and it was perfect!  I roasted the sweet potatoes instead of using canned, then assembled the entire thing and put it in the fridge over night so come Thanksgiving, we just had to bake it.  Also maybe hit it with the broiler for a few minutes at the end to get the topping nice and crispy.  If you need a go-to sweet potato casserole, this is it.


The New England Express

I made this a couple years ago and it was well received so I decided to bring it back.  Plus, if there’s going to be eight adults, two kids and two dogs in a 1000 square foot space, there must be alcohol.  Joey juiced something like 10 limes, then complained about how bad his fingers hurt for the rest of the week…


Miso Caramel-Apple Pie

My Tuesday night Thanksgiving dessert-making ritual is the best!  Well, except for my Thanksgiving Eve ramen ritual.  And my Thanksgiving morning coffee and parade ritual.  And my actual Thanksgiving Day rituals.  But you now what I mean.  This pie dough bakes from frozen so I made it last weekend then finished it all up on Tuesday and it may or may not have taken me three tries to make the caramel sauce but all’s well that ends well.  I actually thought this pie tasted incredible but it didn’t really stand a chance against my mom’s chocolate cream pie.

What was your favorite Thanksgiving dish this year?

Recently Consumed

A list of things consumed by my head, heart, eyes, ears and stomach lately.


Carrot Hummus at The Pig and The Sprout

We chose this spot for our Tuesday Date Night and when they posted a picture of this luxurious looking carrot hummus on Instagram that day, I KNEW I had to order it and see what was up with those “funyun” chips.  Turns out there’s no chickpeas involved in that hummus, hence the creamy texture and those chips DID have the exact flavor of Funyuns.  We dug it!

Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino

Forgot to mention our March book club read!  Probably because I really wasn’t into it.  Basic Plot: Grad student/aspiring writer borrows a very buzzed about book from her roommate and discovers it’s about HER (very troubled) past and was written by her long lost childhood best friend turned first love.  Ugh, just writing that description reminded how annoying this book was.  The entire cast of the book seemed to cater to this very selfish and immature main character and I was not about it.

Girls Final Season

The highest respect to TV writers who had reviews of the final season of Girls out the night of the finale.  It’s been weeks and I still can’t make sense of my feelings on the show in its entirety.  I meant to write about the finale and I didn’t.  I meant to post about my favorite episodes from all six seasons and I didn’t.  I meant to figure out why I’m so conflicted about this show and I haven’t.  I will say, that final scene between Hannah and Adam was easily one of my favorite moments of the entire series.  They said so much by saying so little and though it was heartbreaking, it felt right.  Also, I will continue to pretend “Goodbye Tour” was actually the finale because Hannah and Jessa reuniting (even if only temporarily) was so touching and the whole dancing scene interspersed with snapshots of Hannah’s future was really the only ending I needed.  Plus I really hated “Latching.”

Well that “quick blurb” certainly got away from me…

Broken Angels by Gemma Liviero

This book reminded me A LOT of both All the Light We Cannot See and The Nightingale, both in the setting (Europe during WWII) and the formulation (characters from different sides of the aisle whose stories eventually combine).  That being said, I felt the effect was damaged because I kept thinking “I’ve read this all before!”  And I liked the writing in both of those other books more than this one.  Still, I liked this one well enough and wouldn’t dissuade anyone from picking it up for themselves.

Sweet Corn and Zucchini Pie

Well I’ve mentioned this recipe on the blog approximately 7,000 times, sooooo HAVE YOU MADE IT YET?  If not, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, but I’m actually not waiting for summer to eat corn and zucchini.  JOEY cooked this for ME and even though we were short a few ounces of cheese, it was still SO GOOD.  So that’s probably why I’ve talked about it so many times.  Paired with the best sweet potato fries (Joey makes them so much better than me!) and I think this meal actually willed the sun out of hiding that day.

Beloved by Toni Morrison

GUYS.  OMG.  LITERATURE!  I tried to explain to Joey — in a lengthy and cocktail induced speech — the difference between what I read in book club and actual literature and how damn refreshing it was to know within seconds of starting Beloved that is was the latter but he was probably mostly hoping I’d just stop talking 🙂  But seriously, the writing is so poetic and the story is so deeply painful and beautiful and I don’t know why it took me this long to finally pick this novel up but I’m so glad I finally did.


Happy Friday/Cinco de Mayo/Birthday to my mother-in-law!  We are celebrating all those things the best way we know how… with burgers, fries, beer and a Rockies game!  Bet you thought I was going to say tacos and margaritas, huh? 🙂  What are you up to this weekend?