Recently Consumed

A list of things consumed by my head, heart, eyes, ears and stomach lately.


The Dry by Jane Harper

Maybe I’m not the best literary detective, but this book had me in the dark till the very end!  There’s nothing worse than a predictable ending, so I really appreciated the way Harper was able to keep you guessing, then give you an ending that felt like it was under your nose the entire time.  I also loved the cast of characters she created.  From the likable main character to the colorful townspeople, they were all well flushed out and entertaining.  The whole time I read it, I felt this sense of lurking danger and suspicion, that was both creepy and enticing.  Give it a shot!

Good Thing by Leon Bridges

Guys, are you straight wearing this album out like I am??  It feels more up-tempo and poppy than his debut album, but in a very good way.  And despite the change in tone, it still has those very lovely low-key slow songs that he does so well.  I’m very impressed by it!


Arrested Development 

Did you guys watch Season 5 yet?  I want to tell you I loved it, but honestly, I could barely remember what happened in Season 4 (and much of Season 4 didn’t makes sense to me because I couldn’t remember where we left off in Season 3…), so a lot of the jokes and references were not landing like they probably should have.  Still, this was Will Arnett at his Gob-damn best (see what I did there?) and I’m now referring to red hair as “Howard Red.”


A Big-@$$ Bag of Granola

I ran out of no-bake granola and really wanted the real deal baked stuff, but because I could barely handle the thought of having the oven on for 45 minutes, I decided to make A BIG batch and hope it would last me all the way through the rest of the summer.  Luckily, this Naturally Sweetened Toasted Coconut Granola is A) already a favorite of mine and B) makes something like 10 cups of granola.  I thought I may have burnt it, but it just tastes really delicious.


Kaleo at Red Rocks

Way back in 2015, Joey and I bought $12 tickets to see Guardians of the Galaxy at Film on the Rocks and were treated to a pre-show performance by an unheard of Icelandic band called Kaleo.  Flash forward to last month when we got to see them headline their own show at Red Rocks!  From Row 7 with Hannah and Josh, no less!  Our babies have come so far.

This is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel

This was our June book club read and what a discussion it was!  This is the story of a couple with five children, the youngest of whom is born Claude but becomes Poppy at the age of five.  It was so eye-opening, mind-opening, heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time.  Mostly, it just sounds very hard to be a parent.



It’s stone fruit season, y’all!  Just kidding, I don’t say y’all, but it felt right in that moment 🙂  Feels like strawberries had just started to get really good when cherries then peaches popped up at the Farmers’ Market.  So summer fruit seasons have been a little condensed but here we are with peaches in hand, feeling our very happiest.  Or is that just me?  I’ve yet to have that PERFECT PEACH moment yet, but I KNOW it’s coming and for that, I am very excited.


The Big Lebowski at Film on the Rocks

I took my family to Red Rocks on Monday night to celebrate my birthday and it was just the best!  We ate Illegal Pete’s, listened to two mediocre bands, laughed uncomfortably at a comedian, ate red velvet cupcakes (they were melty but OH SO GOOD!  Joey maybe dropped some crumbs in a White Russian and I maybe ate them :P), then were treated to a Coen Brothers masterpiece that is somehow better and funnier every time I watch it?  Just a perfect night all around!


All the Wine

I’m your beer girl for real, but something about the heat of the summer has me preferring wine.  A chilled wine, specifically.  I’m not claiming to know anything about wine, I’m just claiming to have drunk many glasses this summer.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I won’t say this is a show you can’t live without, but it’s so easy to watch and I find it extremely quick-witted for a 30-minute comedy.  I mentioned to my sister that we were watching the most recent season and when she admitted she didn’t know what it was, my explanation — “it’s about a woman who’s been imprisoned in a bunker for 15 years and when she gets freed, she moves to New York but she hasn’t been in the real world for 15 years so doesn’t know what a lot of things are and also, it’s Jon Hamm who imprisoned her” — sounded weird but don’t be fooled, because this show is great!  Titus is my favorite.


The Peach Pit from Pizzeria Lui

I’m not joking when I say I’ve been lusting over this pizza since LAST summer.  We didn’t manage to get over to Pizzeria Lui until after this special was gone, so I’d been hoping and praying they’d bring it back this year and they did!  Last night, my sister came over to give me a manicure (!!!!) and Joey was kind enough to go pick us up some pizza.  Biting into that warm peach, creamy ricotta, salty prosciutto and spicy honey felt like a dream come true!

Tell me what you’re reading, eating, watching or listening to these days and please please have a wonderful weekend!

2013 Summer Bucket List Check In

Welp, this is it.  Summer’s officially over on Sunday.  I’m sad.  I don’t know what gives, but I am not even excited for fall.  I’m not ready to trade in weekly tacos for weekly soup (tacos trump soup big time).  I’m not ready to give up fun summer dresses and skirts for frumpy sweaters.  I am not even ready for Pumpkin Spice.  Wait, I already had one of those.  Just kidding.  I just really loved every minute of this summer and I’m not ready to put it in the past.  I guess a little check in with the “Summer Bucket List” is a good way to keep the summer going for just a little longer.  Ahem…

Go vegetarian for one week


I did this pretty early on in the summer.  I wanted it to kind of happen naturally without me really having to try but there were several weeks where I made it all the way to Friday then caved.  I actually find it pretty easy to not eat meat (that’s just how I roll most days) but the one day a week when I do crave some steak tacos is so hard to ignore.  Anyways, I did it.  But now I’m back to ordering things like salad with bacon dressing.

Attend Film on the Rocks


Done!  Twice over!  And not surprisingly, I loved it!  I mean the second time I went, the volume was so loud I thought my eardrums were going to burst (people were actually screaming “TURN IT DOWN!”), but all the people camping out, waiting to watch a movie with their friends and their beer is so fun.

Finish all the books on my “Summer Reading List”


I truly thought this one was going to be harder.  And maybe it would have been if I hadn’t taken that weekend trip to the cabin and read through a whole book while we were there.  That bought me lots of time to finish up that last book.  It felt so so good to be on a book-reading roll.  I always feel my best when I’m reading on a normal basis.

Go to Movie in the Park


I had really thought I was going to make it to the Movie in the Park event in Denver.  I even had all the movies scheduled out in my phone but that never happened. Luckily, my mom invited me to the Louisville MITP.  Extra lucky, because our attempt to go to the Boulder one was rained out.  But I did get one good MITP in and it turned out to be a fabulously fun night with my family.  Doing something just the four of us reminds me of when I was a little girl 🙂  Except now I get to drink sangria.

Try a new hiking trail.


Another one I checked off the list pretty early on.  And then never set foot on a hiking trail for the rest of the summer.  Oopsie.  At least the one we did get in was a good one.  I know I say this all the time, but I am absolutely dumbstruck every time I go into Boulder and see those big beautiful flatirons.  I am so spoiled to get to see such a sight so often.

Go one day without social media.

Aaaaand there’s no picture for that.  I thought this was going to be the real challenge of the summer, but I woke up one Saturday morning and just decided I’d be taking a break from the world of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like.  It actually turned out to be really easy.  It really just made me more aware of how annoying it is when someone is glued to their phone.  But now I’m back to being that someone, soooo.

Run a 10K.


Although totally unintentional, I’m so glad I phrased it this way in my original Summer Bucket List post.  What I’d meant was to run a 10K race.  I didn’t do that.  But!  I did go on a 6.2 mile Saturday morning run, which totally fulfills this list item.  I felt tired and out of energy by the end, but hey, I also feel that way after a 3 mile run.

Bike to work.


Rest assured that my hair did not look like this by the time I got to work.

Joey did this a bunch last summer and would always tell me about these “two giant hills,” so I was expecting some super steep and fast incline.  What I got was two long drawn out inclines that I probably wouldn’t even have noticed were hills unless I was trying to pedal my body up one.  Joey may or may not have passed me up on foot.  I may or may not have got off and walked the bike up most of the second hill.   But I did it!

Give my office some personality.

Does getting a mini orchid, lighting a candle and hanging a calendar on my otherwise blank walls count as personality?  I’m gonna go with probably not.  In other words, fail.  But since this is the only thing on the list that I didn’t take down with ease, I’m calling it an overall success.  Plus I’m busy channeling all my decorating inspiration (and decorating budget!) into our house.  Much more important.

Go to an amusement park.


Checkity check!  I also rode every single roller coaster and even got Joey to go on one with me.  Actually, I had nothing to do with that, he seriously volunteered himself.

Brew an IPA.


This turned out to be our best beer yet!  I love it, Joey loves it, win, win.  In all seriousness, I thought I hated IPA beers until I tasted ours.  I think my taste in beer might be expanding even more.

Make/eat s’mores.


It may have been on our teeny tiny apartment patio.  It might have been over our grill and not a real fire.  And I might have felt like I never wanted to eat Hershey’s chocolate again, but those s’more were so worth it.  Also, important question: are you Team Barely Toasted Marshmallow or Team Char That Sucker Up.  I’m a proud member of the latter.

Drink a root beer float.


Ahhhh, yeah.  I’ve had a glass bottle of root beer and vanilla ice cream in my apartment for months.  So what do I do?  Order a $6 float while out to dinner.  Naturally.  Anyways, the experience was almost ruined by our waitress forgetting the straws (who does that?!), but it worked out for the best because by the time she got around to bringing them the ice cream was good and melty.  So so delicious.

Go to the cabin (and don’t complain :))


SHOCK OF THE SUMMER: I LOVED the cabin!  Seriously.  From the uber peacefulness of the mornings, to the cozy evenings by the fire and all the reading, BBQing, and mid-day napping in between, I had such a good time during our weekend getaway.  I have a good feeling this little escape will become a summer tradition.

Meanwhile, it’s also officially closing day.  We were supposed to close on Tuesday but houses have to be reappraised because of all the flooding here in CO so things just weren’t ready in time.  Let down doesn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling after that phone call from our realtor.  BUT today IS the day.  Which means I’m freaking out with excitement and ready for a busy weekend of moving.  Happy Friday to all of you!