Friday Night Lights: I Get It Now

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Just to preface, Joey watched Friday Night Lights when it was still on the air and since then I have had to go through life hearing, “Where do I know that guy from?  Oh yeah, he’s the quarterback in Friday Night Lights!” every time we watch TV.  Wait, just how many quarterbacks are there in this show?!  Then there was that time I tried to watch it on my own and six episodes in… I just wasn’t hooked.  Probably because “is the camera going to be all shaky like this the entire time?”

So I gave up.  That is, until Joey agreed to re-watching it along with me.  And just like that, I was hooked.  I got it.  I knew who Tim Riggins was (though I wasn’t sure how I’d made it through life before knowing who he was).  I was regretting not writing “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” into our wedding vows.  I understood why everyone looooves Connie Britton.  And most importantly, I finally knew who all those quarterbacks were!

But in all seriousness, I kinda fell in love with the show because when you watch a show so full of HEART, how can you not fall in love with it?  I went from hating Tyra in Season 1, to rooting for her in Season 3 and from groaning every time Smash bragged about himself to sincerely missing him after his character left the show (best farewell ever though!).  And while I’m sure Tim is the best part of the show for many people, it really all boils down to Coach and Mrs. Coach.  Two more perfect characters have never existed.

Really, this says it all.

Wednesday Coffee Date & Real Talk


^^^^^ One of three rings I am wearing today.  Which is probably too many rings.

NEW COUNTERTOPS TODAY!  If all goes well, I’ll probably be ‘grammin the heck out of it later today.  Be on the look out!

Wait, is it ‘grammin or grammin’?

Halfway through that latte, the almond milk design started to look like the cover of the first Bruno Mars album.  You know what I’m talking about.  It was uncanny.

February is almost over and I am like, “nooooo, don’t leave me!”  March is the worst.  So much snow, not enough baseball.  But I will get to listen to Rockies Spring Training games in my office, so there’s that.

Trivia and deep dish pizza tonight!  Be still my heart.

Okay, can I get something off my chest, real (not so) quick?  Here is a thing that happens after you get married.  Everyone is suddenly on high alert for you to announce you’re having a baby.  I don’t know if Joey feels it, but as a female, the pressure is real.  I mean, it’s probably partially imagined pressure, but I feel like any time I don’t order an alcoholic drink the conspiracy theories start whirling around in everyone’s brains.  The other day, someone I hadn’t seen since I got married came into my office and loudly congratulated me and that’s all it took.  Look, I can’t even remember to turn all the lights off in the house before I leave, let alone take care of another human being so everyone can just calm down and get used to waiting many more YEARS before they hear that announcement from me.  END RANT.

In other news, Joey and I had a full blown discussion about how unrealistic it is that Jason Street and Tim Riggins would be BFFs when they are TWO SCHOOL YEARS apart.  That would never even happen.

Happy Wednesday!