The First Weekend of Spring

It’s officially spring and these are some things that made my heart full this weekend: getting wings and fries for dinner with my mom, sister and Joey, letting my sister sip my gose, then her LOVING it (my beer girl heart lit right up!), watching a movie on the couch, eating a carrot cake waffle, running outside and feeling good and strong all the way through, baking granola and having that sweet smell fill the house, spending Saturday night with our best friends and being totally smitten and mesmerized by the cutest baby to ever exist, walking to get coffee and toast on Sunday morning, sipping a strawberry-chamomile kombucha, making dinner together, ending Sunday with a good movie.


Friday night, we went to Fire on the Mountain and I decided Jamaican Jerk tastes like the ramen seasoning packet (in a good way) and blue cheese > ranch for wings and celery dipping.  We watched Creed afterwards and while I loved Michael B. Jordan, narratively, it felt a little disjointed.  Seemed like he was already a boxer at the beginning but then he hadn’t been trained and then he got trained but then got challenged to a fight and there was ANOTHER training sequence.  What?!  Am I nitpicking? 🙂

Saturday, we had pizza and baby snuggles for dinner at Hannah and Josh’s, then Mason showed us how to do tummy time and instead of impressing us with his rolling over skills, he burped then spit up and we all laughed really hard.  Joey got it on video and I’ve watched it like 50 times because it’s somehow still the cutest thing ever!  We went out for ice cream afterwards and Hannah and I were not about the girl behind the counter telling people Purple Cow is Little Man‘s best flavor because it is most definitely Space Junkie.

Sunday night, we made Lentil-Tahini Burgers with Cabbage Slaw and Snap Peas with Feta and it all tasted like spring!  In other words, there were bright snappy flavors and fresh herbs.  We also watched Between Us and we really liked the way it was filmed but it was also sort of heartbreaking to watch the two main characters emotionally destroy each other.  In the end, we really enjoyed it, but mainly, there was a scene towards the beginning where the couple decide to get married, then dance around the house yelling “husband and wife!” and Joey and I maybe did that afterwards.

How was your weekend?

What I’m Loving Lately: It’s summer, so everything?

Well I think that title says it all.  Because what DON’T I love in summer?  Going on early morning runs, drinking all the iced coffee, eating dinner in the backyard, reading on my porch swing.  Life is just all around better when accompanied by sunny skies, warm weather and that carefree summer spirit.  But because “everything” probably doesn’t make for an interesting post, I’ll give you the specifics of what I’m loving lately.


A/B by Kaleo

Wait, are you still not listening to Kaleo, even after all the times I’ve talked them up??  Guys, get on board NOW.  They just released their first album and even though I knew/owned 90% of the songs already, I’m still listening to it on repeat because it’s serious gold.  “Way Down We Go” is all over right now, but just you wait till “All the Pretty Girls” hits the radio.  I think mass hysteria will ensue.  For me, it’s all about “Save Yourself” though ♥


Evening Freedom

I won’t subject you to yet another ode to morning running, but I will say moving my workout to the morning means completely freeing up my post-work schedule.  If the Rockies are out of town and I don’t have any other weeknight commitments, I get home and am like “wait what do I do now?!”  But a better question would be, “what can’t I do,” because the sky’s the limit when you have five hours of daylight to do WHATEVER your heart desires.  Lately, my heart has been desiring reading on my porch swing and leisurely cooking dinner.


Iced Coffee

K, that’s not really anything new but I’d been using this recipe that called for 12 oz. of ground coffee and 20 cups of water before seeing this Bon Appétit recipe that called for 12 oz. of ground coffee and seven cups of water.  I figured the stronger, the better so I tried this new method and WHOA!  It packs a punch, flavor AND caffeine-wise.  I’m in love!



It’s pronounced “go-zuh” and it’s my new summer beer.  It’s a wheat beer so it’s got that light refreshing thing going on but it’s brewed with lactic acid and salt so it’s got a sour beer taste with a savory back note and it’s just all around complex and delicious.  If I see one, I feel compelled to order/buy it RIGHT NOW.  Just so so good, so you should do the same.


Totally ditched out of a seminar last week and walked to Cheesman instead.


Everywhere and anywhere!  You know how when you’re on vacation, it’s no big deal to walk ALL OVER THE PLACE?  But then you get home and go straight back to driving literally four blocks up the street to get coffee?  Maybe it’s that “I’m in no rush” summer mentality or just general enjoyment of being outside when it’s warm, but I have been wanting to walk everywhere we can.  To the Rockies game, to get a manicure, to grab an ice cream cone.  IT IS THE BEST.

Watermelon Nails

Summer Mani Inspiration

Totally getting this one for my birthday, but how amazing would it be to have watermelon/polka dot nails??


Pink Lipstick

I was so into that dark red during the winter but summer has come and this pretty pink color has been on my lips day in and day out.  Up next, actual red.  Do you think I can pull it off??


Sister Dates

Dates with Joey are great and all, but ain’t no one get you — on a “remember when we used to go to Dairy Queen EVERY DAY after school??,” stream of movie quotes, mutual complainants about mom and dad level — like your sister.  Last Thursday, we had a pedicure-followed-by-dinner date and my heart was so full afterwards.  When most social interactions can leave me feeling a little drained, bonding with my sister always leaves me feeling energized and inspired.  Also, we ate at Vital Root and it was total vegetarian bliss.



Always and forever ♥♥♥


What are you loving lately?